Police Quest AGI Walkthrough

You start in the main hallway of the station. To the west is the door to Sgt. Dooley's office. To the east is the locker room and the briefing room. To the northeast is the exhibits window, and to the northwest is the entrance to the computer room. The first thing to do is go to the locker room. Your locker is in the far bank at the first set of white buttons. Go to it and OPEN LOCKER. GET your GUN (revolver), AMMUNITION (ammo), BRIEFCASE, and HANDCUFFS (cuffs). (You can use GET ALL if you like.) CLOSE the LOCKER, head back out to the hall, and into the briefing room.

Walk east to the pigeonholes, stand in front of the second one and LOOK IN HOLE. You'll see that Steve has a stack of warrants. In the third one you'll find a note from Steve suggesting a coffee break at Carol's Caffeine Castle and saying he'll radio you at the appropriate time. At the back of the room you'll see something on the table. Go over to it and GET NEWSPAPER. Flip through it and then close it.

As soon as you close the paper, the briefing will begin. Walk to the front table on your right and stand on the left side of it next to the center aisle. The game will notify you that this is your position. Stand there, wait for the other officers to arrive, and listen to the briefing when Dooley gives it.

Afterwards, leave the room and walk across the hall to the board next to Dooley's door. GET the patrol car KEYS and walk to the table at the end of the hall. GET EXTENDER and go west down the hall and out the door to the parking lot. Your patrol car is the one nearest the street, across from your fancy blue Corvette. Perform your safety inspection as described in the manual, OPEN the DOOR, toggle yourself in, CLOSE the DOOR, and toggle the ma (A good place for a save since you're about to drive.)

Back up a little, turn, and drive into the street keeping close to the curb, but not TOO close since you don't want to run into the curb. This is a good time to practice driving and mark off the map that came with your game using the letters and numbers that show on your screen. Locate all the buildings with parking areas. You'll find five with "indents", Carol's, The Blue Room, The Hotel Delphoria, The City Park, and the Courthouse. Two others will have regular lots, the Police Station where you start and the City Jail across Seventh Street from the Courthouse. In addition, Cotton Cove has a parking area much like a parking lot. Generally, you can do this simply by driving around the edges of the City. Also notice which one is your car. Mine was white with a red (not black) stripe across it.

After you've driven around for a while, you'll receive a call to investigate an accident on Fourth Street near Fig. When you get to the proper screen, the car will show as a crumpled green thing on the left side of the street. Pull in behind the green car, read the dialogue box, and toggle the map. OPEN the DOOR, get out, CLOSE the DOOR, walk over to the open passenger door of the crashed car, and examine the driver twice. Ouch! It seems he's not only dead, he is a probable murder victim! Notify dispatch and they'll tell you a homicide unit is on the way.

Next, go and TALK TO the BYSTANDERS. One young man will tell you a light blue Cadillac was involved. Talk to him again and you'll get the first part of the Caddy's license plate number, L964. Call in the vehicle information and fairly soon Dooley and Homicide Detective Hamilton will arrive. Dooley takes over for you so get back in your car, toggle the map, and save. Getting out of there is tricky!

Continue driving around town and fairly soon Steve will call you for a coffee break at Carol's. Go there, park in the indent behind Steve's patrol car, toggle the map, get out, and go inside. Steve will be sitting at a booth on the left. Sit down and TALK TO STEVE. This won't result in much but, pretty soon, Carol will come over with your coffee. DRINK COFFEE and shortly the phone will ring. After she answers it, Carol will inform you that Detective Hamilton is calling for you. STAND UP, walk to the phone, and ANSWER PHONE. Hamilton will give you the ID of the dead driver and some other interesting information. Leave Carol's and go back to driving around. Save, save, save.

Pretty soon you'll see a red sports car run a light. Put on your siren and chase the car. This has some rather fun music but is also dangerous so don't forget to save. When you get behind the car, it will pull over. Stop, toggle the map, and call in to dispatch. Helen Hots? Well, yes. In more ways than one. OPEN your BRIEFCASE, GET your ticket BOOK and PEN, get out of the car, and walk over to the sports car. ASK FOR LICENSE, LOOK at WOMAN and *whooee*!! Well, you're a professional (it may take a few saves and restores but you will be), so WRITE TICKET. At this point she'll tell you it was an honest mistake and ask if there isn't something she can do about it. *Anything* in fact. You can ignore her and go on writing the ticket, but you'll be missing 2 points so say NO and continue writing the ticket. RETURN LICENSE, GET SIGNATURE, and GIVE her the TICKET. Whew! Go back to your car, get in, and toggle the map. As you leave you get the distinct feeling she doesn't care for you very much.

Anyway, back to driving around town. Pretty soon you'll be called back to Carol's on a complaint. Go there as before, but before you get out of the car GET NIGHTSTICK. Go inside, walk up to the counter, and TALK TO CAROL. She's a bit upset, and will tell you about the bikers next door. How exciting. Oh well, you better go next door to Wino Willy's and have a talk with them anyway. The first thing you'll notice is they don't care for the police much. When they ask what you want say MOVE BIKES. They'll ask how you plan to make them do so and then threaten you. Hit the key to use your nightstick which will make it quite clear to them what you have in mind. They'll back down in a hurry and clear out.

When the bikers have left, you'll notice a local "working girl" sitting on a stool who recognizes you and calls you by name saying she sure is glad you showed up. TALK TO GIRL and it's Sweet Cheeks Marie. If you look at her you'll find out why she recognized you. She'll say she just knows you want something (talk to her again if you looked), so tell her what you want. INFORMATION or DRUGS will do. She'll tell you quite a lot and you'll give her a tip in return.

Save again and go back to driving around town. Pretty soon you'll see a pink car driving very erratically and will be alerted. Hit your siren, chase it, and it will pull over. Toggle the map and call in, then get out and walk over to the car. Well, he certainly appears to be drunk. Say GET OUT and back away from the door a bit. (You're in the way.) GET LICENSE and you'll see that he's a programmer. Definitely a suspicious character! We all know what they're like! Anyway, ADMINISTER FST and HANDCUFF SUSPECT. He'll a you to cuff him in front since he's not feeling too well but say NO. It's correct procedure, and, besides, he'll get nasty if you do which will, of course, end the game. READ him his RIGHTS and say GO TO CAR. Walk behind him to the patrol car, open the back door, back off a bit to let him in, and close the door. Get in behind the wheel, toggle the map, and take him off to jail at the east corner of Seventh Street near River Road.

When you get there, pull into the parking lot, get out, let him out, and follow him up the stairs to the squared off panel on the left side of the door. When you get there, OPEN LOCKER, PUT GUN, CLOSE LOCKER, and walk around him to the button on the right. PUSH BUTTON and the jailer will open the door for you to go in. Walk to the window and say DRUNK DRIVER. When the jailer tells you to, TAKE OFF CUFFS and walk your prisoner to his cell.

As you walk back to the door, Laura comes in wanting to talk to you. Seems there's an opening in narcotics which you have a chance at, but you need to apply for it. When you're finished talking to Laura, the jailer calls you over and says Sergeant Dooley wants you back at the office on the double. Now you can actually leave but don't forget to pick up your gun on the way back to the car. (At some point, you may want to take a look at the guy in the exercise yard just for fun.)

Go back to HQ. As you walk in the door there's a table against the wall with memos and an in basket. Go over to it, WRITE MEMO, and PUT MEMO IN BASKET. Now, go down the hall to Dooley's office. Dooley will be out in the hall. (He's the one with the gray hair.) Walk up to the various officers and they'll each tell you some things about what's going on. Something about a chicken. Walk up to Dooley's door and he'll ask you to have a look. (You, after all, have an alibi although no one ever mentions that fact.) OPEN DOOR and go in. There you will see one of the funnier sights in the game! Walk over to the desk and you'll get a description. This is one place where, if you have the sound turned off, it's well worth your while to turn it on. Go up to the desk and EXAMINE CHICKEN for a more terse but still interesting description of the phenomenon. Unfortunately, you don't know anything about it and can only leave.

As you get to the hallway, some of your fellow officers are still standing there. Walk up to them and they'll invite you to the Blue Room for a surprise party for Jack. Seems they've hired a dancer. Hmm. Sounds like fun! Go back to your locker and PUT your UNIFORM in the locker. Everything you don't need will go in, your towel will come out, and you'll be notified that you must shower. So, CLOSE LOCKER, walk to the shower stall. (Use the one on the right since Morris Fudley's used up all the hot water in the other one.) Toggle the shower on and off, go back to your locker, open it, GET CLOTHES and GET KEYS. Close the locker and head out to the parking lot, returning the patrol car keys and the extender on the way. Get in your blue Corvette and head off to the Blue Room on Ninth, between Fig and Peach.

When you get there, you'll see your friend Jack sitting alone at a table in the middle of the room. Walk over, talk to him, and he'll invite you to sit down. Do so and he'll tell you what a depressing day he's had. It wasn't nice. Pretty soon another officer comes in and sits down and then a fourth comes in with a cake. Jack reacts with an embarrassed groan and you all sing "Happy Birthday." Then comes the dancer! Hoochy-Coochy Hannah in a grass skirt and balloons! She does quite a dance, and it cheers Jack up a lot. Unfortunately, when Hannah's done, Keith reminds you about your shift swap and that you're due at the station in 15 minutes. Back to work!

Head back, open your locker, PUT CLOTHES, take your shower (regulations again!), grab your uniform, etc., and head back to the briefing room. Seems another narcotics dealer is missing. There's a slight difference in paint color on the cars but he may have been involved in the traffic homicide you earlier investigated. Dooley also gives you your call numbers, 83-32. This is as good a time as any to open your briefcase, get out your notebook and WRITE a NOTE to yourself in it. 83-32 works as well as anything else. Close your briefcase and read the black board. Oohh!! Nice! Look in your hole and you'll find another message. Leave the room, get the keys and extender, head out to your patrol car, inspect it, get in, and toggle the map.

The next part gives most everyone trouble. Start driving around town looking for the blue Cadillac. I've been told you can call in if you think you see the right car but have never tried it. In any case, you'll get a call on your radio about the car saying it's been seen in the vicinity of Jefferson High. Stop the car and save. Ignore the part about the school and look around your screen for what may look like a light green car. When you decide on which one it is, hit the siren, and start chasing it. The correct car will try to evade you by turning frequently, speeding, and so forth, but will eventually pull over. The wrong car will normally disappear when you change screens. If it takes you some time to stop him or you aren't using the siren, you may be get the radio call again.

When you've stopped him and toggled the map, be VERY careful to follow procedure exactly. First call in and wait for your backup to arrive. You can look around or whatever but stay in the car. When he arrives, he'll radio dispatch to hold all radio traffic and say he'll cover you. Wait for him to do so. When he's in position, open the door, get out, then load and draw your weapon. Say GET OUT. Yur suspect will do so and start walking toward you. Say HALT. (If you get nervous and have difficulty doing things fast enough, slow down the action. This is very precise.) Say HANDS UP and then LIE DOWN. When he's done so, walk towards him with your gun drawn. Your backup will say he has him covered and to go ahead and cuff him. Walk to where his hands will be cuffed and holster your gun. CUFF SUSPECT, SEARCH PRISONER, and READ RIGHTS. You don't want to take any chances with this creep!

Say GET UP and GET IN CAR. (Don't forget to open the door and get out of the way.) Close the door. Your backup will call in so go SEARCH the CAR. OPEN BOX and you'll find a black notebook and two driver's licenses. Examine the notebook and you begin to get an even better idea of what a creep this guy is! Not only do you see bribes, gambling, hard drugs, etc., you notice some initials with "terminate" in front of them. Those are the initials of the two drug dealers who've been murdered recently. Put the book back and EXAMINE LICENSES. Great! Just what you need! Multiple IDs. Your backup will take care of this stuff so put it back, close the box, and go around to the back of the car. OPEN TRUNK and you'll find samples of both coke and marijuana! Close the trunk, get in the patrol car, and transport the suspect to jail.

Go inside as before and don't forget to put your gun in the locker. Book him for FELONY, take off the cuffs, and see him to his cell. What a sweetheart! Yuck!! As you're leaving, Jack walks in, congratulates you, and says Dooley wants to see you.

Grab your gun, go back to HQ, and into Dooley's office. Walk over to the desk and Dooley's eyes will start to water as he attempts to reads a memo to you. The gremlin has struck again! Dooley runs from the office cursing. Seems the memo has been sprayed with mace. Well, you sure want to know what it says, but obviously, getting the memo is a poor idea. Instead, walk around the desk to where Dooley was and READ MEMO from a standing position. You've been transferred to narcotics! Head off to the locker room for a change of clothes and the obligatory shower. Get your clothes and the rest of your stuff, including your weapon, and take off for Narcotics, dropping off the patrol car keys but keeping the extender.

When you get there Laura will tell you the Lieutenant is waiting, so go next door to his office and walk up to the desk. Seems you'll be working with Laura on the Hoffman case. Go back to narcotics and talk to Laura. She'll show you around the office and give you your radio call number. When she's done, she'll tell you Hoffman's about to be bailed out for a mere $500,000! (Actually, strange as it may sound, this is way too low for a major drug dealer. The stakes are so high they just write it off as a cost of doing business. You NEED that no bail warrant!)

Go to the cabinet, OPEN the DRAWER, and GET out the HOFFMAN file. Read through it and GET FILE. Move to the clipboard and get it. Flip through until you get to the FBI list on Jason Taselli who: a) is known to use the last name of "Hoffman," b) also has a tattoo above his left nipple, and c)is wanted for murder. GET the LIST and PUT the CLIPBOARD back. While you're here, get the keys to the undercover car. Now, head for the computer room.

As you are leaving the room, Laura comes in to say Hoffman's attorney is on his way over to the jail right now with the $500,000 to bail him out! Hurry on into the computer room, TURN ON COMPUTER, and enter the search string of TASELLI, read the information. Yahoo! You've got it! Now you'd best hustle on over to the courthouse and convince Judge Palmer to issue the warrant. EXIT the computer and head straight out to the white undercover car in the parking lot. Inspect it and go.

When you get into the courthouse (use the right door), walk over to the window because court is in session and the judge will hold you in contempt if you just barge on in unannounced. Say EMERGENCY to the guy behind the window, and he'll send a message in with the bailiff. Wait for permission to enter and go into the courtroom. (Yes, just stand there.) When the judge tells you to, walk toward the bench. She'll ask you who or what the warrant is for, so say HOFFMAN. When she asks for information, SHOW FILE. She'll ask if you have any other informationm so SHOW POSTER and the bailiff will take the evidence to her. When she asks why you think Hoffman and Taselli are the same person, say TATTOO. As you do so, everyone in the courtroom will laugh while the judge agrees with you and makes a comment of her own. She gives you the warrant and you take off in a hurry.

Oddly, despite the fact that it's right across the street, you must drive to the jail so don't forget to save. When you arrive GIVE the WARRANT to the jailer. You can't do anything so just wait. Whew! Just in time!! When you're done, go back to HQ.

When you arrive, Laura is waiting for you and heads straight for your car. There's a drug deal about to go down in the park and the Lieutenant wants the two of you to stake it out. (You do have your gun and extender don't you?) Head on over to the park and stop the car. Get out and head up the stairs into the park. Walk to the back and take cover. You can use either side but the left is easier as there's more space. On the right, any slight movement will blow your cover and end the game. Move around a bit until the game notifies you that you're out of sight, radio Laura, and maintain silence until it's time to move in.

Load your weapon. Be very careful if you're using the Function or alternate keys to draw your gun. Generally the game depends on graphics to indicate a drawn weapon and, at least in my version, it will not verbally notify you that you have done so. Since it's a toggle key, if you get an alert box and miss or forget and try it again, you'll lose the game because your gun will be holstered. Following procedure here is of the utmost importance!

This section is a realistic "feast and famine" police situation. You wait for what seems like ages for something to happen, and then everything starts happening at once. In any case, wait for the buyer and dealer to show up which they will do one at a time, the buyer first. Continue waiting until the money and drugs have changed hands. Notify Laura, and staying right where you are, say HALT or POLICE! The dealer will run so notify Laura about him, but the buyer will give up immediately.

Walk over to him, toggle your gun back into the holster (Do NOT use "put gun" or you're in trouble!), and cuff him. Read him his rights, say COME WITH ME, and lead him back to the car. When you get there Laura will have the other suspect in custody so lead yours around to the other side of the car. Search them and talk to Simms (the buyer) twice. The second time he'll tell you he's now buying from Colby, meaning the dealer. TALK TO COLBY twice and he'll tell you his source and the phone number he calls. When everyone's in the car, toggle the map, radio in, and take your suspects off to jail.

Laura's rather bossy so do what she tells you and then book them for DRUGS. After you're finished, head on back to HQ. When you get there Laura will suggest you go to the Blue Room to tell Jack you've nailed the creep who was dealing at Jefferson High where his daughter goes to school. Do so and you'll find Jack there, quite drunk. You talk to him in an attempt to cheer him up, but he tells you it may be too late for Kathy, who has already OD'd and is comatose in intensive care. That's not enough: After the cabby has come for Jack, Keith comes in to say Taselli has escaped and Morgan wants to see you right away!

Morgan will tell you to get Taselli's black book from the evidence room and check it out. Go down the hall and say BLACK BOOK to the guard. Look through it, return it, go back to your office, and look in your basket. Read the note from Laura, leave the office, go back in, and Laura will be there. She'll tell you that Sweet Cheeks is in jail asking to see you but to talk to Morgan first. Do so and he will tell you that Sweet Cheeks may be able to help you. They've discovered the drug problem is coming from the Hotel Delphoria and that Sweet Cheeks may be helpful in establishing your cover at the hotel. He'll call the jail while you go there to enlist her help.

When you get to the jail, move over to stand in front of Sweet Cheeks Marie. After she shows her gratitude in her own way, she'll offer to do anything if you get her out of jail, and you'll be confronted with what is probably the worst parsing problem in any Sierra game. Use two words here. The proper form is HELP OPERATION or HELP HOTEL. Either one will do and will trigger a longi sequence in which you explain, she agrees to help, and you walk out with lipstick on your face.

Get in the car and head back towards HQ. Before you get there you'll get a call to go to Cotton Cove to identify a 1S7 victim. Go there and walk up to the officer who comes toward you. Move to the victim, MOVE BLANKET, and LOOK AT NIPPLE which will confirm your ID as well as the current whereabouts of Jason Taselli. Call in the information.

Go back to HQ and into Morgan's office where he, Laura, and Marie are waiting for you. Listen to Morgan's plan and remember what he says. (Remember Woody Roberts from Taselli's black book?) When the briefing is over, Dooley comes in to tell you that Jack Cobb's daughter has just died and that he's on extended family leave. You vow revenge for this senseless death! Go back to the locker room putting your extender back on the way. (It makes an unsightly bulge in your new white suit.)

Open your locker, PUT ALL, PUT SUIT, CLOSE LOCKER, and head for the shower. Turn on the shower, BLEACH HAIR, and RINSE HAIR. Turn off the shower, go back to the locker, and GET SUIT. Close the locker and head back to Morgan's office in your new "pimp look." Morgan gives you your instructions, $1,000 in marked bills, and after a phone conversation, further information on Taselli's death. Be careful! When Morgan has finished, ASK FOR PHONE NUMBER, and he'll give it to you. Head for the white Cadillac, inspect it, and go to the hotel.

Be very careful driving into the hotel. In fact, I suggest you save before you park. The indent here is a driveway rather than a plain cut. Since you must park parallel to the street, it can be very difficult. You may want to use slow mode and use the keyboard keys for maneuvering the diagonal. Fortunately, this is the last time you will need to use the car.

When you're inside the hotel, walk up to the desk, and RING the BELL. Tell the desk clerk you want to REGISTER and PAY CLERK. Walk northwest to the door, into the Lounge, and over to the bar. Order WHISKEY or something and Marie will "recognize" you. You'll sit down at a table and the bartender will bring your drink. PAY BARTENDER, he'll get your change, and a couple of guys will come in, stop briefly at the bar, and head through the door at the left. Marie comments that they aren't the first as the bartender comes over with your change and asks to be introduced to you. Marie does so and takes off for the powder room. You chat with the bartender, establishing your cover, but when Marie returns nothing has happened so you drop some hints. Still nothing. So, when the bartender goes back behind the bar, go over to the bar to talk to him. When he comes up, SHOW MONEY. It works! Time to head off to your room.

Go back out the door and into the elevator. PRESS TWO and go east to the end of the hall when you get there. UNLOCK THE DOOR, walk to the other side of the bed, USE PHONE, and type in 555-6674. When Morgan answers say WHITEY. He'll tell you to send Sweet Cheeks to HQ in a cab, to try to get behind the scenes in the hotel, and that your backup personnel will arrive later this evening. Use the phone again, and since you don't know the number, dial 411 for information. Say TAXI, call the number you're given, tell them to come to the HOTEL DELPHORIA, and tell Marie to take the cab to the station. Go back to the elevator, PRESS ONE, and head back to the bar. Show Woody the money and follow him into the back room. When you get inside, walk up to the partially filled table and SIT DOWN. Save here.

There's one more player to arrive so wait for him. When the game starts, follow the directions on your reference card. To avoid losing all the department's money and an endless game, save every time you win a bit of money. One or two slots are plenty as you can keep saving on top of the last. I found it helpful to make a note of how much money I had, changing it each time, and restored every time I lost a hand.

When you've won a substantial amount of money, the game will end, you'll be invited to come back later for the big game, and given a password. Head back to your room and use the toilet if you like. In any case, your backups will arrive shortly. Walk up to the one standing by himself on the left and ASK FOR TRANSMITTER. He'll give it to you with a new supply of marked bills. Go back down and say FRANK SENT ME to Woody. He'll take you back, knock, frisk you again, and escort you in. Save.

Sit down and you realize just who "Frank" is! Yikes! This is IT!! Keep saving and winning. When you've won enough, Frank will suggest a discussion about a job. Say YES and he'll invite you to his room for a drink and a discussion about it. Say YES again and follow him up to his room the back way. Be careful on the stairs, they can be tricky. When you're in the stairwell, notify your backups using the standard radio method, and be very careful not to exit at the beginning of the stairs (at the bottom of the screen) or at any other exit. You may want to use the keyboard to climb the stairs if you aren't already. They're on a direct diagonal. The final flight is especially tricky but all you need to do is get started up it and the screen will change to the top. Follow Frank out the door and down the hall to his room. When he goes inside, make sure you notify your backups of the room number.

Enter the room and "Frank" will get a phone call. Uh-oh! When he comes back, it seems you've been recognized!! Fortunately, you remembered to call your backups, and they come charging in the room just in time! A bit of "deadly force" takes care of Bains for a very long time.


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