Mission: Asteroid Walkthrough

  • Type inv
  • Look watch, push switch
  • Open door, go door, talk secretary, say starstruck
  • North, west, salute, east, east
  • Take disk, insert disk into drive
  • East, take explosives, look explosives
  • East, exercise, east, take shower
  • West, north, north, talk doctor, good, open door, west
  • North, up, push button, go door
  • Push blue, north, push violet, read sign, push throttle
  • Push white, push white, push orange, push orange, pull throttle
  • West, get suit, wear suit
  • East, push violet, south, set timer, 150, turn dial, push orange
  • South, down, south, west, go cave, south
  • Drop explosives in pit
  • North, north, south, north, up, go door
  • Push blue, turn dial, north, push throttle, push blue, push blue, push black, push black, push white, pull throttle, look watch.


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