Lode Runner Walkthrough

  1. Descend the left ladder and draw the men to the bottom right before they get any chests.
  2. Dig down the column of bricks next to the ladder slow enough that the top brick has reappeared when the bottom brick has been dug. Quickly run up the ladder to the top of the column and across the steps for the closest of the two lower chests. When you fall to the bottom, quickly run out before the bottom brick of the column reappears.
  3. Climb the ladder halfway, then lure the men into the trap at the bottom. Move them all the way to the left by descending the left ladder again. Then cross over to the right and repeat Step 2. If you move quickly, you'll fall to the ground with the second chest just before the men reach you.

Keep all the men together!

  1. Move to the top right corner. 4 men will proceed up and left and the 5th will climb toward you. Just as he approaches, move left. As soon as he's near you, drop to the bottom, run right and up the ladder to a spot that makes him run left.
  2. Stay high to draw all the men to the top left. Collect the chests from the right side and bottom.
  3. Draw all the men that are on the bottom to the right side, then up.
  4. Go left and down, moving to the left ladder to keep all 5 men on the right side. Now clear the left side.


  1. Move left, under the first man and over the next.
  2. Lure the men individually into the one place on the board where you can dig and get rid of them one at a time.
  3. Collect all remaining chests.


  1. Use your position on the ladders to move the men left and right, dropping each man past and below you through then center channel before moving up to the next level.


  1. Trap the men at the bottom center by moving to the bottom of the far left ladder.
  2. Run over their heads and get all the chests on the right (the fifth chest from the right has a trap door under it).
  3. Dig away all the bricks to the left of the men, letting one man free.
  4. Dig a hole to the left of the man and walk over his head while he's in it, and force him to the right by positioning yourself at the right spot on the ladder.

Get the men into strategic "U's" and walk over their heads.

  1. Climb either ladder and position yourself at the top so that the men fall into the "U's".
  2. Using their heads to stand on, dig and release them after getting the chests. They will drop into other "U's" and you can repeat the action.


  1. Clear the inner pyramid by forcing the men to drop through the top middle bricks into the right and left "U's" underneath.
  2. Drop down after them, get the chests and then release the men to the next left and right "U's" below them.
  3. Repeat this for all areas.


  1. Go up the ladder toward the left hand corner of the screen. You'll have to duck into one of the diagonal channels and dig to get by one of the men.
  2. Pick up all the chests across the top, dropping from diagonal to diagonal by blasting through the bricks.
  3. Descend a diagonal to the lower left corner and make your way across the bottom in the same manner, picking up the remaining chests.

Clear the center arrowhead chests first and trap the men in the area.

  1. First, dig a hole in floor above the point of the arrowhead (point X). Collect the chests that appear at the center of the arrowhead.
  2. Collect as many chests around the arrowhead by digging from point 'X' and circling back.
  3. Go to either the bottom right or left of the triangle of ladders above the arrowhead and dig a hole. Get a man to chase you to the top of the pyramid. At this point dig, trap the man, climb down the first ladder on the other side of the pyramid, and he'll eventually drop into the bottom center.
  4. After all men are trapped, collect the chests.


  1. Don't fall to the bottom. Step right as you pass the first opening.
  2. Go up the first ladder and to the top of the first section. Dig your way to the gold chests in the first section in two passes.
  3. Climb up the middle ladders and get the chests.
  4. The far right section is a matter of timing. At the bottom right ladder, dig the top brick, hesitate, the next brick under it, hesitate, the next brick...as soon as you see the top brick forming, run across the top right to last right brick, dig, drop through, grab the chest and run through the left hole before the bottom brick forms. Repeat procedure for the left side of the ladder.


  1. To get to the second and third boxes on either side of the screen, you must cross over a falling man's head from the ladder.


  1. Go to the far right & up the ladder.
  2. The first, third and fifth cross on on the top row are traps. Get the men to fall in them.
  3. Get the last two men together & make them follow you in a circle while you collect the rest of the chests.

Get the men to bring the chests to you!

  1. Collect the chests that aren't near the men.
  2. Manipulate the men by moving up and down in the center part of the maze. Get by the leftmost man into the lower central portion of the board.
  3. Continue to manipulate the men from this area as you collect the chests.
  4. To get the leftmost man to part with his chest in the right place, draw him to the fifth floor on the right and stand at the left of the third ladder. When he's almost upon you, race up the third ladder and he'll race up the second ladder. He may drop the chest in the space between the two ladders. Race down, collect the chest & race back up the ladder.

There's no specific strategy for this level except that by keeping the men together you have a better chance of controlling and getting by them.

Get the far right chest left.

  1. Collect all chests across the top except the far right one.
  2. Let the rightmost man out of the hole that he's fallen into and get any chest that may appear.
  3. Manipulate as many men as needed to the bottom left of the board and use their heads to climb the far left ladder.
  4. Get the last chest.


  1. Collect some chests from the upper right side of the board.
  2. Stay high on the board to attract the men. Then, go down and dig from the second floor from the bottom on the far right ladder and down the 'steps of bricks' to the bottom row of ladders...cross to the left side of the board. Run in circles to avoid the men.
  3. Get a man to fall into the hole bottom hole in the center 'circle'. Collect the chests in the middle and get the other men to fall in to get them out of the way.
  4. Collect the rest of the chests.


  1. Use the two upper righthand corner bricks to trap and kill men until they appear at the right side of the board. Then, move down and draw the men onto the floor.
  2. Try to trap the men in the bottom 2 holes of the board as you collect the chests.

The main clue is printed on the screen. There are 14 trap doors to look out for and they are all placed so that, if you do the obvious thing, you'll wind up in the pit at the bottom of the screen.

As a general rule for this level, try to approach each gold chest from directly above or from the right side. Don't get ANY of the chests by digging over the ladders to the left.

All the men are indispensible. Collect the chests from the left side first.

  1. Climb to the second ladder on the far right. Dig the first diggable brick to the right of it. When a man falls into the hole, run over his head to the ladder on the right. Climb it, then descend, digging away the first and second bricks to the right of it. Jump through the open- ing and pick up the chest. There's a diggable brick beneath it. If you move quickly, you can dig it away and drop through before the man catches up with you. He will be trapped.
  2. Go back to the wall you dug earlier, dig down and run over the trapped man's head. Dig down and collect the chest on the ledge to the right.
  3. Collect the rest of the chests on the left side of the board.
  4. To get the chest next to the top middle ladder, climb the ladder and dig the top 2 bricks between the ladder and the gold chest. Don't dig the bottom brick until the top brick starts to form. Then dig the bottom brick, run up the ladder, dig the top brick again, run to the right and drop down onto the chest. You can now dig down and escape onto the bar. Drop through the diggable brick by the ladder onto the next bar below.
  5. Fall onto the guard beneath you and while standing on his head, dig away the brick on his left and jump over onto the brick on his right when he starts to move away. When he drops onto the other guard, jump off the block you're standing on. Don't follow the guard, but dig out the rightmost brick instead so you can drop to the bottom and get out the ladder.
  6. Climb up the bottom far right ladder and cross over to the left side of the two guards. Dig the brick to the right of the middle bottom ladder. Jump on the man's head, dig right then left, without hesitation and immediately run right. Pick up the chest and exit quickly to the right.
  7. Pick up the remaining chests with the exception of the 2 chests in the bottom righthand corner and then work your way down to the lower righthand corner last.

Stack the men in the center. Get the men to retrieve the chests across the second from the bottom floor.


  1. Get all the chests in the far left section and end up on the ladder at the middle of the board.
  2. After collecting the row of five chests in the left section, dig and use the man's head to step over to the ladder.
  3. Dig the middle chunk of bricks to the left of the long middle row (some by standing on the man's head) and release the man into the lower level so that he ends up in the bottom middle hole.
  4. Collect the rest of the chests from the right side of the board, leaving the bottom right chest for last.


Keep the men together.

  1. First, collect the chests at the top left as you get 3 men on the left side of the board together.
  2. When you have all the chests you can get, release one of the men from the mid-right section by drawing him through the trap doors on the 2nd and 3rd floors on the right and have him join the other 3 men.
  3. Release the last man the same way and collect the rest of the chests.


  1. After you collect the chests below you, dig the 3 bricks to the right of the 2nd ladder down on the left, go up both ladders and right, up the short ladder and dig to the next chest to the right and go down and through the wall you dug by the ladder.
  2. Collect all accessible chests while working your way to the lower right corner.
  3. Collect the chests in the upper right corner.
  4. Dig the bricks over and right or the 1st short ladder on the left, 2nd floor (from the bottom) and jump down on the chest from the top of the ladder.
  5. To get the chest in the lower left corner, dig the brick at the bottom left of the bottom right ladder, then the top 2 bricks on the right of the bottom right ladder, then go back and redig the first brick , then the bottom brick next to the left ladder then the brick above the chest, drop on the chest and leave.

Dispose of the 2 guards first, until they reappear in the upper right area. You can't win if either of the men falls down between the rabbits paws.

  1. Move halfway up the long ladder until both men fall between the ears.
  2. Dig away bricks in the left ear, trapping the men till they reappear in the upper left corner.
  3. First, get the chest from the left eye. Dig away enough bricks to remove the 2 bricks to the left of the eye, which will allow you to drop down to his whisker to escape.
  4. To get the chest in the right eye, dig all the bricks across the ear to the left of it and continue down to the nose to escape.


  1. Get the men in a position where they won't interfere.
  2. To collect the chests, dig from the outside, using the ladders to dig from when needed.


               =#####Y=X#####=  Diagram of center of 
               =#1  Y=B  2#=  board. 
               =# Z Y=B   := 
               =## #A#=BBB ##= 
               = # #:::::B # = 
               = ###     ### = 
               =  3       = 
               = ########### = 
  1. First, trap 2 men in area 1. Turn to the center ladder and dig brick X, trapping the man. Then dig out the 3 bricks marked Y and move left to position Z. As soon as the guard is released dig brick A, run over the trapped man's head and climb to the top of the ladder. The guard will fall in pit area 1.
  2. Attract the 2nd man from the right side of the board and trap him the same way. Now get all the gold in area 1.
  3. Draw the last guard from the right side over to the left by pulling him across the tops of area 1 & 2 and dig one brick so you can walk over him. Go down the ladder on the right of area 2 until you find a spot that makes the man move to the left.
  4. Get the chests from the middle of area 2 one at a time. Use timed digging to get the "floating" chest. Get the second chest after digging all the bricks marked B, then jump down from the pit to area 3.


  1. Collect all the chests from the bottom 2 rows first, gaining access by jumping on a falling man's head.
  2. Use a man's head to get to the short left ladder. Using the same method, gain access to the top level and collect the remaining chests.


  1. Destroy the 2 men at the lower left to get time to collect the chests at lower left corner of the board. Release the first man while hanging from the bars. Then dig holes until he is destroyed. Repeat the process for the 2nd man.
  2. Destroy the men, the run to ledge to the right of the long middle bar. Fall on a man's head to collect the last chest.

Don't let men that have chests fall into the bottom traps. Ladders are safer than bricks to walk on.

  1. Start by getting the bricks in the top right section, getting the chest to the left of the sections left ladder last.
  2. Use the trap doors in the middle section to dispose of the men while you get the chests.
  3. In getting the rest of the chests, use the ladders and avoid the traps. Don't let a man with a chest fall to any of the bottom traps.

Don't let any men with chests fall into the bottom middle holes. Get the bottom center chest last.

  1. Get all the available chests except the center chest. Use the men to get the chests at the tope of the left and right towers. Be sure to keep track of chests being carried by men
  2. When you're sure you have all the chests, fall onto the center tower and a ladder will appear to give you a way out.


  1. Go up the left ladder to the trap under the second bar.
  2. Dig left after falling through and continue left down the trap dorrs. You'll fall right onto the chest.


  1. Get the top left chest first. Dig the brick to the right of the short ladder and get the top man to rrun left into the brick as it reappears.
  2. Dig down to the next section and get the far right chest. Dig to the left of the ladder, run to the right ladder and force one man into the reappearing brick.
  3. Trap the last 2 men in the pit under the bar being careful that they don't take any chests with them.
  4. Dig down to the ladder below and get the chests.
  5. Go down to the next level and get the remaining chests.

Get all the men to the lower left corner.

  1. Attract all the men to the bottom left corner (you can do this from the bottom right corner) and collect all the chests.
  2. If any chest is picked up by a man, try to get him to drop it for you toward the bottom middle of the board.


  1. As the man starts down the second long ladder from the left after you, dig the brick to the right of the first short ladder. Get him to follow you through and exit down the ladder to the left, then back up the long ladder. This gets you past the man.
  2. Get all the chests in the left section, taking one at a time, and each time escaping back throughthe brick left of the top short ladder.
  3. Get the chest in the middle section by shooting holes to the ladders below the middle short ladder and always escaping back through your starting point.
  4. Get all the chests in the right section and escape.

The only important thing to know about this level is to spend as much of your time as possible on the second row from the top. The men will bring you many of the chests and you can drop down to the ground level to pick up others after you've caught all of the men in the pits.

Trap the men in the upper 2 chambers by leading them over the outer edges. Then collect the rest of the chests being careful you can always escape via the center ladders.

Follow the man through the traps using him like an elevator to the first chest on the upper right. Collec the rest of the chests by clever digging.

Try to keep the men together. Get the first left chest in the ledge first.

  1. First, get the first left chest in the ledge, using a man's head to step on.
  2. Run to the bottom of the far right ladder on the floor and get all the men on the ladder to the left of you Go to the top of your ladder to force the men to the top of their ladder. Collect as many chests as you can.
  3. Use traps between the 2 ladders to get to the bottom of the board, and run quickly to the far left bottom ladder and climb.
  4. Collect as many chests as you can while keeping the men together on their ladder.
  5. To keep them together and get past them, wait at the bottom of the far left bottom ladder, drawing them over and, at the last second, climb up and run for their ladder. The men will return to their ladder from below, but too late to interfere with you.
  6. Collect the rest of the chests by repeating step 5.


  1. Trap a man in the brick at the bottom right of the long left ladder. Use this ladder to force the man left when he climbs out of the hole - he'll then fall into the chamber allowing you to get the chest in the center of the chamber.
  2. Get the chest in the rabbit's left nostril, while you lead the men behind you.
  3. Collect the rest of the chests.


  1. Lure the man into the left center pit, but don't get stuck there yourself.
  2. Dig a column between first 2 rows of short ladders on the right to get the right bottom chest.
  3. Repeat step 2 on the left side. Dig the brick left of the bottom left chest. If you move to the short ladder across from it the man will get the chest and when the brick refills, he'll be destroyed along with the chest.


  1. Destroy the men repeatedly until they trap themselves in the 3 single holes across the top.
  2. Collect the rest of the chests, leaving the bottom left chest for last.
  3. When you get the last chest, the men will be released. To escape through the ladder that appears, run over the men's heads, from left to right to short right ladder on the 4th floor.


  1. Dig the 4 bricks to the right of the 4th ladder from the left, using timed digging as done in previous levels, to get to the chest beneath.
  2. To get to the first chest on the right, start digging at the top of the top right ladder. Dig your way to the chest, leaving an exit path out to the left of the bricks to the right of the 4th ladder from the right.
  3. Work you way to the left side of the board by exiting through the brick to the left of the short middle ladder.
  4. Use timed digging on the bricks to the right of the far left ladder to get to the first left chest.
  5. Dig the 3 bricks down the left side of the 8th ladder from the left. Dig down to the brick over the 7th ladder from the left. Run back up the ladder, drop down on the brick to the left of the 9th ladder from the left, dig it and get the chest and exit by digging the brick under it and dropping to the floor.
  6. Work your way back to the left side of the board.
  7. SURPRISE! The man trapped in the lower left chamber has a chest! You must release him and then trap him in order to get the chest from him.

Stack the men on top of each other in the left and right ledges (second floor from the bottom) so that the top man can get at the seemingly unreachable gold chests on the left and right sides Repetitive digging is required.


  1. Collect the left chest by descending then centermost of the 4 ladders that reach the top of the screen. Then dig away the brick to the left of the ladder's base. Drop in that hole and descend to the ladder beneath it, digging the 2 bricks to the left of the ladder as you descend. Then move left and dig away the brick immediately to the right of the gold chest. Race back up the ladders until you are standing just above and to the left of the first brick you dug. Go left and drop straight down onto the gold chest. Climb back to the top of the board before the bricks fill in.
  2. The 2nd gold chest is easy to get to however, getting back to the tope of the board is difficult since there's only one way. You'll have to travel the bottom bar to the leftmost ladder, climb up, and then work your way back to the right by digging in order to get out.

    P.S. The ladder that appears at the far right after you collect the second gold chest is a red herring.

You must use timed digging on the row of bricks to the right of the 2nd ladder from the left.

  1. 1] Dig the top brick, pause, dig the 2nd brick, pause until the top brick reappears, then dig the 3rd brick. Now run to the top of the ladder and all the way to the right. Dig and drop down onto the chest that is floating in the air, then run left until you have regained the safety of the ladder.
  2. 2] Don't stop for breath. Before the 3rd brick fill in, dig out the 4th. Then go back up the ladder and dig out the 1st and 2nd bricks again. Descend and dig out the 5th brick from the top. When the 4th brick reappears, dig out the 3rd and the 6th brick. Run right (across the top of the 4th brick) and dig out the brick just over the short ladder. Then back up one brick and dig out another brick. Jump down in the hole and, standing on the ladder, dig out the 2 bricks that form a wall to the left of the ladder. Then drop down to the chest below the short ladder and run left. The floating chest is left up to you.
  3. 3] Your exit is at the bottom of the bottom of the long ladder. There are 2 clever parts to the right side. In the top part, you'll need to stand on the head of a falling man to pick up the leftmost chests. The most difficult part is the bottom.
  4. This is a diagram of the bottom right section of the board
        =B =E # 
        =G J= # 

    Use timed digging, first to reach the top chest (digging bricks in the order A,B,C,D,E) then starting over and getting the bottom chest (Dig A,B,C,D,E,F and G). Run up and over brick A, which will have reappeared. Then drop down through brick D and dig H, I and J).


               =##########  ##   Diagram of right side 
               = -  B -#####= of long middle ladder 
               =#=# =#A=##=  #= 
               =#::::##=#######=   = = ladder 
               =  C  ::      =    = chest 
               =#::#T#######::##=   # = brick 
               =:F#T## D#: ::=   : = solid 
               =#=###::#########=   T = trapdoor 
               =:G          #= 
               =::::::: #####::#= 
               = ######=#E    = 
               #: #####= #=# ####
  1. Get the top 2 men to fall into the 2 trap doors (marked T) by dropping to point A when a guard is at point B. Then you can clear up the left side of the board in peace.
  2. Be sure to pick up chest C by by following the 2 guards you have trapped and running over their heads back to the middle ladder. Then dig your way to the right part of the board by blasting through the bricks to the right of point A and immedia- tely cutting through to chest D.
  3. Dig your way to the short ladder marked E and descend it to bring the last free man toward you and trap him in the hole to your right. Now clean up al the remaining chests on the board except for chests F and G.
  4. You can get to chest F and G by digging the brick to the left of the 2 men stuck in the trap doors and jumping in the hole (the second brick down is also a trap door so you'll be able to walk out of it to chest F). Pick up chest G and run over the other 2 men's heads until you're back on top of ladder E.
  5. If the pit to the right of ladder E hasn't been filled with a ladder, then one of the 2 men at the bottom is carrying a chest. You'll have to kill them to fill the pit and free yourself. You can do this by digging the block to the left of ladder E, staying at the top of the ladder until the brick is about to fill in, and then descending to draw the guards toward you.


  1. Move to the left and get the 4 men trapped into holes. Run over their heads and go to the ladder on the left.
  2. Dig down to the 1st 4 chests at the bottom left rows.
  3. Next, position yourself just to the right of the rightmost man. Dig the 2 bricks to the right of him, work- ing right to left (you'll have to dig the 2nd brick while standing on his head). Take one step to the left as you finish digging the 2nd brick so you won't fall when the man starts to move.
  4. After he drops into the hole in the next row, jump in after him, run to the right, and repeat the process as you proceed to collect the top and then the bottom chests on the diagonal.


  1. Begin by digging at the bottom of the board to kill the men. Keep doing that till they fall through the 4 traps at the top of the screen into the holes.
  2. Fall on the man's head, get the chests, dig and release the man and continue recovering the chests (same technique as level 47).

LEVEL 49: 4:30 AM
This level makes extensive use of a little known capability-it is possible to blast bricks in the normal manner while standing inside a trap door.

               =A###C=     Diagram of top middle 
               =T   T=     section. 
               #  T # 
               #### # 
  1. Dig brick A and jump in. You'll fall into the trap door below brick A. Wait for brick A to reappear, then dig brick B, exit left to the ladder and cross over to brick C, where you repeat the process. Once bricks B and D have been removed, you can enter the central room, recover the chest and dig down to the rooms underneath.
  2. Many of the other bricks in this level play off the same trick-you stand inside a trap door and dig an adjacent brick.


  1. If you've gotten this far, you're a pretty good Lode Runner player, so you're going to have to figure out this level with the help of just one minor clue...

    Here's the hint. Just as level 49 hinged on being able to dig from within a trap door, level 50 hinges on your ability to dig bricks while falling on the head of a man.


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