Leisure Suit Larry 5 Walkthrough

Get coffee. Get camera. If you skipped the animation, this will be done for you already.

Enter door on north wall. Get resumes from the closest file cabinet. In inventory, look at each resume, look at Doc Pulliam's business card. Get AeroDork credit card from the table. Exit room. Walk left at the upper exit. Get tapes on the front table by the tv. Degauss each tape in machine on back table, right. Open left drawer. Play an 8-track tape. Use the barrel of disinfectant. Insert a tape in the camera. Recharge the camera by the coffee pot. Plug battery charger in the outlet, plug camera in battery charger, look at it and when it says 100%, get the camera/charger. Get water. Look at award. Go outside, look at statue, enter limo. Walk up to the AeroDork automated ticket machine. Insert AeroDork credit card. Travel to New York, type in the code from your manual to the corresponding time given. Get boarding pass, get credit card, enter airport. Use AeroDork credit card on the camera, use boarding pass on the slot when it says "Now Boarding." Get magazine from seat pocket, read it in inventory.

Look at both scientists, walk right. Get numbers from Twit. Numbers are: Contact #: 536-2779; computer account #: BB-30,7; Email #: 65493756, password: Making Woopy; Codename: Agent 88. Look at scientist. Open door on right. Take DataMan on table and both DataPaks. Walk left, get hooter shooter, look at it and put it on. Exit through back door. Get in limo. Get bottle. Put PC Hammer DataPak in the DataMan and use it on the driver.

Look at signs above to get limo number, 552-4668. Get quarter from the Jerry's Kids collection box. Use left most phone and call limo. Go outside and get in the limo.

Use the napkin on the driver. Get appointment book), look at book. At the Hard Disk Cafe, walk behind either big plant. Enter cafe. Talk to the Maitre d' nine times. Get ticket. Use ticket on the music box on the front of the screen. Use ticket on purple machine. Sit down and wait for Michelle to walk in. Use ticket on purple machine.

Talk to Michelle several times until she invites you to her table. Turn on camera, give her appointment book, credit cards and money, record Michelle. Call the limo company. Use credit card on ATM, get boarding pass, get credit card, enter airport, use credit card on camera, use boarding pass on slot.

Enter building. Look at DataMan, get access code: 45954. Look at keypad next to door and enter access code, open door. Get key from plant. Get letter opener from desk. Use key on desk, look at desk, get access code. Get folder from desk, look at folder. Use folder on copy machine. Replace folder, letter opener, key. Walk through door on left. Enter shower. Get clothing. Walk right. Enter control room B, use keypad, enter access code. Get reel tape from middle 3rd shelf. Use tape on tape deck - left on control panel. Use HAND on control panel six times, use HAND on reel tape. Get reel tape three times. Use HAND on control panel, talk into microphone. Put Reverse Biaz DataPak into DataMan, look at it, use on driver.

Walk south, left. Put new tape in camera. Plug charger into outlet, use camera on charger, get camera/charger. Use 2nd from left slot machine. Look at signs to get limo number 553-4468. Call limo, 2nd phone from left. Exit and enter limo. Use matchbook on driver.

Talk to girl on left twice, enter any number. Enter casino. Play video poker. Save after each win, restore after each lose, you need at least $525. Enter door on north wall. Talk to bouncer, pay him. Look at Jennifer while she dances. Exit casino.

Walk right a few screens and enter Ivana's Skates, walk up to counter. Talk to her. Use camera on her. Exit, sit on bench and put on skates, skate left and right until you find Lana and talk to her. Talk to her until she leaves. Remove skates, return them to Ivana. Enter casino, enter back room, talk to bouncer, pay man, choose "Lemme at 'em". Sit, turn on camera, use hand to grab flying body parts. Go outside, talk to the valet. Go to ATM, use credit card, get boarding pass, get credit card, enter airport, use credit card on camera, use boarding pass on slot.

Look at directory on left, look at des Rever Records. Talk to guard once. Use DataMan on guard. Get gold record. Use record on record player. Play record Forward 33 rpm, Forward 78 rpm, Backward 33 rpm, Backward 78 rpm. Stop record, get record. Enter studio, use HAND on piano. Play the first 2 takes of the song, computer will take over for 3rd. Use bottle on Reverse Diaz, get tape.

Walk south, left. Put new tape in camera. Plug in charger, plug in camera, get camera/charger. Get quarters from cigarette machine. Look at signs to get two phone numbers: Just Green Cards 554- 1272 and limo 554-8544. Use 3rd from left phone, call Just Green Cards, call limo. Exit airport, get green card from garbage can by door, get in limo, use business card on driver.

Enter dentist office. Talk to receptionist twice and answer: yes, yes, no, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no, no, no. Get doily from table, use doily on Larry. Talk to receptionist. Look at Chi Chi. Unbutton her shirt, several times. Talk to her until she mentions she's "undocumented". Turn on camera, give her green card. Record Chi Chi. Go upstairs to dentist again. Use phone, dial limo. Go to ATM, use credit card, get boarding pass, get credit card, enter airport, use credit card on camera, use boarding pass on slot.

Click the HAND all over the controls until you find the Auto Pilot.

Use hooter shooter on Julius.


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