Leisure Suit Larry 2 Walkthrough

Enter the garage. Move to the right until you can't be seen. Look around. Get dollar. Go north 3 times, east twice. Look through knothole. Go east and enter Quickie Mart. Buy lottery ticket, any six numbers will do. Go west 3 times, up stairs. Talk to girl. Show her lottery ticket. Write down the numbers she gives you and use those six numbers when she asks you your numbers. Sit down and wait. During the Dating Game, it doesn't much matter what you type. Get cruise ticket. Sit down and wait. Win lottery. Get million dollar bill.

Walk south, east, enter store. Get a swimsuit off the back wall rack and pay woman. Walk east twice and enter store. Get sunscreen on the left wall. Walk north and enter store. Get a grotesque gulp. Pay woman. Walk west twice, south 3 times. Look in trash can, look in trash can (yes twice). Get passport. Walk east twice and enter barber. Sit. Exit store, walk west twice, north twice. Enter music shop. Talk to girl. Walk east, south, show passport to man.

Enter your room to the right. Take the fruit. Go through the right door. Exit. Go behind closet and put on swimsuit. Enter Momma's room, open drawer to nightstand and get sewing kit. Go back to your room. Go up two flights of stairs, to the back of the boat to the pool. Use sunscreen. Sit on lounge chair, get up. Fall into pool and SWIM. Go to middle of the pool and SAVE. DIVE, go down, get bikini top, go back up. Climb up the ladder and walk to lounge chair. Use sunscreen. Sit on lounge chair, yes you do this again! Do not follow girl, if she appears, wait a few minutes and go to your cabin. Go behind closet and put on suit.

Go all the way upstairs to the bar and get spinach dip. Go downstairs to main level and go left, sit at barber shop. Go up the left stairs, go left. SAVE. Pull blue lever, exit. Go up middle stairs to the middle level and go left. Go to the edge and JUMP. After lifeboats go down on first screen: put on wig and throw dip. Ride lifeboat.

Walk left. Walk right. Walk south. During one (any) jungle screen, get flower, it's in the middle of the screen. At restaurant, talk to man, sit. Get knife from buffet. Exit. At hotel, get matches from on top of the nightstand and soap from the bathroom. Exit. Sit at barber shop. Walk left, get bikini. Walk right, south. Exit the restaurant. At the hotel, go behind partition and put the bikini on. Put the soap or money in the bikini top. Sit at barber shop. Walk right, right. Walk down the cliffs (you can't fall). As soon as you go around the bend at the end, put on suit. SAVE.

Give flower to the men. Enter airport. Go left, enter barber, sit. Go right twice. Show passport to man. Go right. Stand near conveyer belt and get bag several times until you get the bag with the bomb. Bomb explodes. SAVE. Buy a ticket. Quickly go right, show passport, right, right. Order blue plate special at food counter. Get bobby pin from food plate. Walk over to red machine and get insurance. Walk to right conveyer belt. Hopefully you were quick enough and didn't miss your plane!

Get pamphlet, show ticket to man. Give pamphlet to man sitting next to you. Take airsick bag. Stand. Walk to back of plane. Go to the area directly behind the wing and wear parachute. Use bobby pin on door. Move red handle. SAVE. Open door. As soon as you get the new screen, pull ripcord. Use knife to cut ropes.

Get stick. SAVE. Crawl under bush near middle of the screen. Go south. SAVE. Walk towards big tree slowly. As soon as snake starts moving, hold stick. Go east. This screen is full of quicksand. Walk on the lightest parts and SAVE as soon as you make progress, go east. SAVE. Walk near river, near the rock. JUMP, JUMP, JUMP quickly to swing on the vines. Get vine. Walk east.

Get engaged. After cartoon, walk south, east to fire ring and get ashes. Walk south and get sand. Walk north, west, north, SAVE. Walk to middle edge at chasm. Throw vine. Stand near big crevice, near the steam. Put the airsick bag in the hair tonic. Light airsick bag with matches. Throw bottle in crevice. Kill doctor.


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