Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA Walkthrough

Open door. Sit on the empty bar stool. Talk to bartender and order whiskey, don't drink it. Go north through doorway. Take rose. Talk to the drunk, give him your whiskey. Go through door on right. Read the walls 4 times. Use zipper on toilet. Use hand on bowl of toilet, stand. Do not flush toilet. Look at sink, take ring. Exit bathroom, go south. Knock on red door. Use password on the door. Use remote control on tv until pimp is interested. Go upstairs. Take candy. Open window and exit through it. Walk to the left. Look in dumpster, get hammer, exit dumpster, walk to front of Lefty's.

Use hand icon on taxi sign, enter cab, talk to cabby, go to hotel, pay him and get out. Buy apple from man in barrel, he may appear later. Enter casino. Play blackjack or slot machine until you have a few hundred dollars, save after each win and restore after each lose. Go north, look in ashtray, get card. Go right into cabaret. Leave and return until comic is performing. Sit at the bottom right table, get up and leave hotel. Take cab to store.

Look at phone. Dial 555-6969. Look in wallet and dial Sierra at 209-683-8989. Enter store. Lok at magazine rack. Get magazine from front shelf and look at it in inventory. Get wine from back shelf. Look at sign on counter, use hand icon on it. Pay man, leave store. Give wine to bum when you see him. Answer phone. Walk right, use disco card on bouncer. Sit with girl. Look at her, talk with her until you dance, might have to use hand icon on the floor while you look at her. Talk with girl. Give her rose, candy, ring, money $200. Go to casino and build up to over $100. Exit and walk right to chapel. Walk in front of man and talk to him. Enter chapel. Walk to hotel and go to 4th floor. Knock on door with heart. Turn on radio, talk to Fawn. After radio announces wine, go to convenience store and use phone. Dial 555-8039. Go back to Honeymoon Suite. Pour out wine. Touch her, use zipper on yourself. Use knife on ribbon. Take ribbon. Build finances up to at least $50. Go to Lefty's.

Knock on red door, enter, go upstairs. Use zipper on yourself twice to undress. Use condom on yourself. Use zipper on girl. Use hand on self to remove condom. Go through window. Use ribbon on self, use ribbon on railing, use hand on window, use hammer on window, use hand on pills. Use hand on railing, walk left twice, get out of dumpster, walk to in front of Lefty's. Go to hotel, go to 8th floor. Talk to girl several times. Use pills on her. Look at desk, push button. Enter elevator, go around partition to right. Open closet. Look at doll. Use mouth icon on doll. Use zipper on doll twice. Look at girl, talk to girl until she invites you in the water. Use zipper icon on your self. Give her apple.


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