Leisure Suit Larry 1 AGI Walkthrough

Open door and enter bar. Sit on bar stool and get whiskey. Exit through hallway to north and give drink to drunk. Get rose. Enter bathroom to right. Read walls in bathroom 4 times. Use the toilet, wipe, do NOT flush toilet. Examine sink, take ring. Exit bathroom, go south, knock on door to the right. Use password (Ken sent me) and enter room. Use remote. Change channels until the guard is occupied. Walk up the stairs. Look at girl. Take candy. Open the window and jump out. Walk off fire escape by walking left. Examine garbage and take hammer. Exit the garbage bin and walk to the cab stand in front of the bar.

Taxi calls a cab. Enter cab, talk to cabby. Go to hotel. Pay cabby, tip cabby and get out of cab. If man in a barrel is there, buy apple, otherwise he'll be there later. SAVE. Sit at the blackjack table (or play slots if you're so inclined!). Save after each win, restore after each lose. Play until you have $250. Leave table/slot and go north. Look in the ashtray and take disco pass (card). Walk right to Cabaret, exit and return until comic appears, sit at bottom right-hand table, exit and return until comic is there. Take cab to store.

Look at phone book, use phone and dial 555-6969. Enter store. Take magazine, read magazine. Take wine from shelf along back wall. Walk to counter and ask man about condom. Pay man. Exit store and give wine to man. Answer phone. Use phone and dial Sierra at 209-683- 6858. Walk right to disco.

Show pass to bouncer. Sit with girl. Look at girl twice. Ask her to dance. Talk with girl. Give her rose, give her candy, give her ring, give her money. Take cab to chapel.

Talk to flasher. Enter chapel and pay man. Walk left to casino, go to 4th floor, knock on door with heart on it, turn on radio. Go downstairs, gamble until you have at least $50. Exit hotel and take cab to store. Use phone to dial 555-8039. Order wine, have it sent to Honeymoon Suite at the Casino Hotel. Take cab back to casino. Go back to honeymoon suite. Kiss her, get undressed.

Cut rope with knife, take rope. Go downstairs and gamble until you have at least $50. Take cab to bar. Enter right door and go upstairs. Walk to front of the bed. Undress, put on condom. Have sex. Remove condom. Exit through window, stay on fire escape. Tie rope to waist, tie rope to railing, climb over railing, use hammer, get pills. Climb back, untie rope, fall in dumpster and exit dumpster. Take cab to casino.

Make sure you have apple, or exit and return to casino to get apple.

Go to 8th floor and talk to girl several times. Give girl pills. Look at her desk, push button. Go through elevator. Go around partition into the bedroom. Open the closet and enter. Look around, take doll, blow up doll, make love to doll (2 times). Follow doll to terrace. Look at towel. Talk to girl. Undress. Look at girl. Give her apple.


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