King's Quest: The Mask of Eternity Walkthrough

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Map of Realm of the Sun-Level 1


Realm of the Sun-Level 1


  • Exit the room after killing the Henchman.
  • Turn left.
  • Look up at the ceiling. There is a hole.
  • Approach the wall.
  • Kill the snake.
  • Climb the wall.
  • Break the urns as you come across them.
  • Take the medallion.
  • Climb back down.
  • Exit the room.
  • Head down the hall.
  • Turn left.
  • Kill the Henchman.
  • Move forward to the end of the hall.
  • Kill the two Henchmen.
  • Open the panels with the red crystals.

Tablet of Knowledge

  • Head North.
  • Kill the snakes.
  • Take a left and head West.
  • Watch where you step. Certain areas will cause Shadow Demons to appear.
  • Make a left into the temple. The Archons are frozen.
  • Listen to the voices for clues.
  • Take the tablet from the altar.
  • Exit.
Hall of Truth
  • Head toward the North East side of the map.
  • Click on the Archon when you reach him.
  • He opens the door for you.
  • Enter the room with the monster. Don't worry about the fact that there is no floor.
  • He will transform into a key as you approach.
  • Exit
Sword of Truth
  • Head back South.
  • Use the key on the door.
  • Take the sword. Something will be written on the tablet.
  • Head all the way to the North West corner to exit to Level 2.


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