King's Quest VII Walkthrough

Chapter 1


  • Take cloth from cactus, go north and enter cave.
  • Get the basket from the floor and take all the clay pots (3 will crumble and you'll take one). Look at basket with eye icon. Open the basket and turn it around until you see a seed. Take on the seed. Exit the cave.
  • Place the corn seed in wet soil next to the entrance. Grab the lowest corn ear from the stalk. Leave screen and come back. Click on the flower next to the corn and you get a seed.
  • Go west, south. Take the stick. Get the salt crystals which are in front of the pool of water. Use the clay pot on the pool.
  • Get fresh water:
    • Click on the head of the statue.
    • Click on the base of the statue to see diagram.
    • Click on the neck of the statue.
    • Move all blue pebble gems to the 3rd column from the left.
    • Use the clay pot on the statue's bowl.
    • Place the corn in the statue's other hand.
    • Move to the statue's left side, face the statue and use comb on the bowl.
    • Click on the head of the statue.
    • Now the bowl should glow. Use the clay pot on the bowl.
  • Now go west. Click on the ghost nomad before he leaves the screen. Talk to him, when he leaves, follow him and talk again. Give him clay pot with fresh water. Take the bug reducer from the bag. Take horn near corpse.
  • Go north twice. Go east. Enter into the altar. Once the scorpion comes out, use bug reducer on the scorpion. Now go over to the monkey altar. Click on teardrop shape in front. Place the blue gem in the lower hand and the yellow in the upper hand, and the pink one in the slot on right side of statue (sun). Take new turquoise piece. Leave altar.
  • Go north and use horn on the jackalope's hole. Grab glasses and take fur from cactus. Knock on door of rare curiosity shop and give glasses to pack rat. Give seed to rat.
  • Go west all the way, south. Turn the statue's head to sun god. Click on the statue's right wrist. Go down into the empty pool. Click on the offering plate twice. Put turquoise bead on plate. Look at offering plate again. Take the turquoise piece on the right side of the plate. Leave the pool.
  • Go north. Knock pink prickly pear loose with stick and take it. Combine the two turquoise pieces together and look at the empty arrow slot above the doorway. Place the turquoise arrow in the empty slot. Enter the door.


Chapter 2


  • Exit through door. Take toy rat. Take the shield from the back wall. Look at spike shield with eye icon and click on the spike.
  • Go to the kitchen - northeast entrance.
  • Go to Spa and talk to trolls in spa.
  • Go back to kitchen. Give the toy rat to cook. Get the golden bowl on back wall. Take contraption box in back. Leave.
  • Go to smithy - southwest entrance. Talk to troll with goggles.
  • Go north. Use the bowl on the green liquid. Cross chasm and get sulfur, cross back and get lantern. Leave.
  • Light lantern on the furnace fire. Leave.
  • Go to the southeast entrance. Walk across path. Go to broken wheelcart, look at it. Use the shield on the cart and spike on shield. Ride cart.
  • Walk east until you see the crystal dragon. Talk to dragon. Use the lantern on the dragon's head. Leave
  • Go to the hot spa, talk to trolls.
  • Go to the smithy. Give gem to the troll with goggles. Put the wet sulfur in the fire. Take tongs on wall. Pick up red mold on table with tongs and use it on pail. Replace tongs. Leave
  • Head back towards crystal dragon. Look at tail. Use the hammer and chisel on its tail. Leave
  • Go talk to Mathilde. Give golden bowl to her, then beetles, scale, spoon. Put rectangular stool under the picture. Put bigger round stool on the big stool and then place the small stool on the pile.
  • Get dragon toad. Open bedroom door. Give dragon toad on Mathilde.
  • Go southeast. Use toy rat on Malicia.
  • Go southeast. Use the rope on elevator shaft, get in.


Chapter 3


  • Give prickly pear to giant salamander. Head northwest.
  • Go west. Talk to the stag. Look at tree and stake twice.
  • Go west, north. Jump on the rocks to cross the river. Talk to spider and hummingbird. Use the basket on the spider and talk to hummingbird.
  • Head north. Enter through the small red door.
  • Talk to the Duke and show him Rosella's comb.
  • Enter the China Shop. Talk to the owner and look at the mask. Leave.
  • Go east to sales cart. Look at cage twice and talk to bird. Talk to the snake oil salesman and show him the comb.
  • Go back to the China Shop and give owner bird. Leave.
  • Put on mask and knock at Town Hall. Exit through back door (tapestry). Go up, up, down, open door.
  • Open desk drawer. Leave.
  • Up, left, down, down, down, click on door twice. Look at the rightmost mirror on back wall. Get the magic statuette. Use the comb on it. Leave through door.
  • Walk up, up, south, exit Town Hall.
  • Use salt crystals on Valanice and go east. Get wooden nickel from empty nest.
  • Enter Faux Shop. Talk to the owner and look around at all objects. Give the owner the mask. Look at book and then buy it with wooden nickel. Leave.
  • Go back to the pack rat in rare curiosity shop in the desert and trade the book for the crook. Go back to town and use the crook to get the cheese.


Chapter 4


  • Grab shovel.
  • Talk to the gravedigger.
  • Go southeast then west. Enter the house. Talk to Dr. Mort Cadaver and then leave.
  • Go east. Use rope elevator. Take the backbone and the wrapped leg and leave. Go back to Mort's house and give him backbone.
  • Go to graveyard and talk to the gravedigger until he repeats himself.
  • Go to the hideout and talk to kids. Show weird pet to kids. Put the weird pet on the elevator.
  • Go north and give the rat to gravedigger.
  • Go back to hideout. Use hammer and chisel on coffin.
  • Go north, get shovel, go southeast. Go west, west, south. If the tree's right branch is up, leave and come back til it's down. Blow the gravedigger's horn. Enter hole.
  • Look at lock, press skull, bat, spider. Give the troll king the dragon toad.
  • Use the hammer and chisel on one of his jewels in his bracelet. Take black robe and wear it and head north.
  • Talk to Mort. Leave.
  • Go east, south. Use defoliant spray on monster.
  • Head east past the house, head north to the backyard. If there's a dog barking, leave and return. Look at leaves by house, use shovel, enter hole.
  • Look at floorboard. Use defoliant spray on the dog's nose. Go up and open 3rd drawer in dresser. Look at it several times, take clothing and stocking and exit through floorboard.
  • Wear black robe. Leave the backyard and head east. Combine the stocking with the silver pellet. Go east. Use the sling on the werebeast.
  • Go north. Enter through the small door. Enter Town Hall, enter back door. Go down, down, down. Enter the door.
  • Look at statue base. Use stocking on statue base. Look at statue base again. Use the hammer and chisel on the right column. Give grape to statue. Use the troll wand on the scarab.
  • Go down. Follow troll king.


Chapter 5


  • Put rubber chicken on tree (lower left branch) and put green cheese in rubber chicken. Take feather.
  • Go to the snake oil salesman. Give him the magic statuette.
  • Go to the stag, talk to him. Go west, north, cross river, go east twice. Use the feather on the nose.
  • Go back to the women statues. Look at flowers (upper left), use pot on flowers. Put pot in the hole in the statue's pot.
  • Go west. Put jackalope fur in salve. Use the salve on yourself.
  • Walk west, north. Go west to Mort's house and talk to him, leave.
  • Go to hideout. Take the elevator up and take bone from mummy, leave.
  • Go west twice, north. Toss bone to dog, talk to dog.
  • Go south and give collar to the woman. Look at lock of the tomb door.
  • Go east twice and take firecracker, go back to tomb. Put firecracker in lock. Enter the tomb, open sarcophagus and look inside. Leave tomb and wait outside on the side (inside) of the road until the flying rider comes.
  • Give skull to rider when he's in the sky.
  • Walk east twice. Go up the path quickly. Go to the tree and climb it and take the ambrosia.
  • Go south down path. Give the ambrosia to the four faeries.
  • Go north. Click harp sticks 1, 5, 6, 4 & click on crystal ball. Talk to fates.
  • Go south, west. Look at the southeast rainbow. Pour the ambrosia in the cornucopia on the back statue. Look at cornucopia.
  • Cross bridge, go west. Talk to the Lord Attis. Use pomegranate on wound. Talk to woman.
  • Go east, get another pomegranate seed. Use the flute on self. Take the southwest rainbow.
  • Go north, west and enter Mort's house. Talk to Mort. Sit on coffin sofa. Leave Mort's and use flute.
  • Go to fates and talk to them. Take the southeast rainbow and go west and talk to Ceres. Use the flute and talk to the Fates.
  • Go south, east, up path. Enter cave. Use dreamcatcher on monster. Enter the cave. Talk to the dream maker. Show him dreamcatcher. Leave and go to the rainbows. Take southwest rainbow.
  • Go east and go to backyard (if dog barks, leave and come back). Go through hole. Go down. Go up and take a crystal from the floor lamp. Exit through floorboard.
  • Leave the backyard, use flute. Use the southeast rainbow.
  • Head south and go through cave. Go south, east to altar, enter. Place crystal in sunlight. Use carpet on self. Use dreamcatcher on nightmare.
  • Walk south. Enter the temple. Use crystal on the frozen ice.
  • Go up path and hide behind cave. When you see the white horse wind pass by, use the magic bridle on it.


Chapter 6


  • Look at troll wand with eye icon. Turn it around. Click on the bottom of the wand, turn it around again and top should say F.
  • Use the wand on the troll king who hits the wall (left).
  • Use the shovel on wall.
  • Go west. Use the shovel on the boulder. Click on boulder.
  • Click left eye, right eye and nose.
  • Plug the mysterious device into the plug by troll king.
  • Use flower on the troll king.
  • Use the mysterious device on Malicia.
  • Give the extra life to Edgar.


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