King's Quest V Walkthrough

Walk south, west. Talk to man. Go east, south, east. Enter tailor, talk to man. Leave the store. Get the coin. Look in barrel and get the fish. Go to the shoe shop. Leave and go to toy store. Talk to owner. Look at the sled. Leave, west, north, west, north, west. Talk to tree. Go south. Talk to the elderly gnome. Go south, west. Leave and return if bear isn't there. Use fish on bear. Take honeycomb. Get stick and go north. Leave and return if dog isn't there. Use stick on dog. Go west, south, west 4 times, drink. Go west twice, south. Take the boot. Go west 3 times, drink. Go north 3 times, east twice, drink, hide behind rock until men arrive. Go south, west twice, south twice. Drink, go south 3 times, west.

Drink from water bucket, enter right tent. Get staff and walk around the rug to leave. Drink from the bucket, go east, north 3 times, drink, north 3 times, east twice, drink, north. Use staff on door. Get brass bottle and gold coin, leave. Go south, drink, and east 8 times. Give man gold coin. Go east twice, put on Amulet and enter Dark Forest. Take the left path. Give brass bottle to witch. Go north, east. Enter house. Open chest and take spinning wheel. Get key from the incense burner. Open drawer, get pouch, leave, go east. Unlock the tree door, take gold heart. Go west twice. Use honeycomb on the ground. In inventory, look at pouch. Put emerald on puddle, repeat twice. Follow elf, get boots. Go west, and give the heart to the tree. Take harp. Go west.

Get tamborine, go east, south. Give spinning wheel to gnome. Go south. Search haystack. Walk east, start east again. Leave and return if cat/rat aren't there. Throw boot at cat. Enter bakery and buy a pie with silver coin. Leave, go east twice. Enter tailor and give him golden needle. Go to toy shop and give man the marionette. Go to shoe shop and give man the Dwarf shoes. Leave, west 3 times. Enter Inn and talk to center man. Take rope, use hammer on padlock on door. Open door, grab leg of lamb from cupboard, west. Go east twice, north. Use tamborine on snake, walk east.

Put on cloak and when Graham gets hungry, eat lamb. Walk north. Throw rope on rock that juts out from left and climb. SAVE. Walk on back stones and east, cross over log, go right. Use sled on self, go east. Give eagle the lamb. Walk north. When you can, play harp. Walk north and throw the pie at Yeti. Enter cave and use hammer on black spot on back. Leave, walk west. Go south. Walk to the "tunnel" and climb. Get locket and rescued. Get crowbar and go south. Ring bell. Go north twice. Use beeswax on boat, get in boat. Go east 3 times, south.

When you can, play harp. Grab fish hook, go west. Get Cedric, go west. Get shell, get in boat. Go west 3 times. Ring bell. Give him shell. Take fish, go north. Use crystal on one serpent. Go north. Walk around house to left. Use the crowbar on vent.

Find black beast. Use tambourine on beast. Take hairpin. Find door. Use the hairpin on the door. Enter and get bag of dried peas from cupboard. Go north. Give locket to girl. SAVE. Go east. Walk east and get captured by blue beast, if not, restore and retry. Use the fish hook to get the cheese from the mouse hole. Wait and follow girl. Make peas the current inventory. SAVE. Go east. Click walk on right door, get peas ready, when blue beast comes in click peas on him. If he doesn't show up, restore and retry. Go east, south, west, upstairs, west. Leave and return until black cat is there (Manannan). Throw fish at cat, use pea sack on cat. Go south. Read the book on the left side of the table. Stand to the left of the doorway and hide until Mordack goes to sleep in his bedroom (you can see him through the doorway). Go north, get wand from nightstand, go east twice. Go upstairs and walk to right. Put Crispin's wand on machine, Mordack's wand on machine put cheese into machine. Get Crispin's wand. Click wand on self, turn into a tiger, then rabbit, mongoose, raincloud.


mongoose rabbit
rain cloud tiger


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