King's Quest II Walkthrough

Go east twice. Open mailbox and get basket. Go north, east. Open door in the tree, climb down ladder, walk east. If dwarf is home go west quick and return east til he's gone and get pot of soup. Open chest and get earrings. Leave tree house. Go west, south. Open door, if wolf is there leave and return. Give soup to grandma. Look under bed. Leave house. Go east. Wait for Little Red Riding Hood and give basket to girl. Wear cloak and wear ring. Go east twice, open door. Walk to the altar and pray. Graham. Wear cross. Leave Monastery. Go south and stand by the rock's hole. Look in hole and get brooch. Go north twice, cross bridge, go east, north. Read inscription on door. Go south, west, cross bridge.

Go west, north. Look in hole of tree and get mallet. Go west twice, look in log on right. Get necklace, go north, west quickly at the bottom of screen and north and get stake. Go west. Get shell, get bracelet. Go south twice and get trident. Enter the water and swim north three times. Give flowers to mermaid. Ride seahorse. Move towards Neptune and give trident to man. Get key and go east. Swim to shore, go north three times, east and enter cave on right. Get cloth, cover cage with cloth, take cage and leave cave. Go east four times. Cross bridge, go east, north. Unlock door. Read inscription, go south, west, cross the bridge.

Go south three times. Open door. Talk to lady. Give bird to lady. Exit shop. Rub lamp. Fly carpet. Go east. Rub lamp, rub lamp. Put bridle on snake, talk to horse. Go east and enter cave. Take key. Go west three times, fly carpet. Go north three times and cross bridge. Go east, north, unlock door. Read inscription, go south, west, cross the bridge.

Go west twice and north twice. Get in boat, get out of boat. Eat sugar cube, walk to door. Open door, go west, climb stairs (SAVE). Open drawer, take candle, go down the stairs. Light candle on torch on wall on stairs, continue downstairs. Go east twice, take ham, go east. SAVE. Go west. Leave room and return until coffin is closed. Open coffin, kill Dracula. Take silver key, take pillow, take gold key. Go east, upstairs, north. SAVE. Go up the stairs. Unlock chest, open chest, get tiara. SAVE. Go downstairs. Go south, west, south. Get in boat. Go south twice, east twice, cross bridge, go east, north. Unlock door.

Go north, get net. Go south twice, fish. Get fish, throw fish, ride fish. Go north twice, east. Get amulet. Look at amulet. Go south. Open door. SAVE. Go upstairs. Give ham to lion. Open door. Kiss Valanice. Talk to woman. Graham. Home.


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