King's Quest I AGI Walkthrough

Start of Game

  • Walk west on bridge to door
  • open door
  • Follow red carpet north and west to king
  • Stand on middle step and bow to king
  • Talk to king, exit castle.
  • Go north and pick a carrot
  • Walk west, south
  • Stand behind rock and push rock
  • Look in hole and get dagger
  • Walk south twice, east
  • Stand on beach and get pebbles
  • Walk south, get bowl
  • Walk south
  • Leave and return to screen until an elf shows up
  • Walk up to elf and talk to elf.

Getting Magic Beans

  • Walk south, east, east, east
  • Open gate and enter corral
  • Walk near goat and show carrot
  • Exit corral and walk west twice, north twice
  • Start to cross bridge and when goat goes into action, move aside
  • Cross bridge
  • Go to gnome and talk to gnome. His name is
  • Get beans.

The Chest (Bean Stalk)

  • Walk east twice
  • Stand near flowers and plant beans
  • Climb beanstalk and continue up to clouds
    (Save frequently on beanstalk)
  • Walk east twice, south, east twice
  • Look in hole of tree and get sling
  • Walk west twice, north and stand near northeast corner.
  • Walk east and hide behind tree in the back til giant falls asleep
  • Walk to giant and get chest
  • Walk east twice and down the stairs.

The Magic Mirror

  • Walk west twice, south
  • Walk behind well and cut rope
  • Walk to crank and lower rope
  • Climb rope and move down
  • Swim when you get to water
  • Fill bucket and Dive
  • Move down and left and go through hole on left
  • Move towards dragon and throw water on dragon
  • Get mirror
  • Swim back up the well and climb rope up.
  • Walk west, south
  • Look in stump, get pouch, look in pouch
  • Walk east, east, east, north
  • Climb tree
  • Walk to egg and take egg
  • Climb down
  • Walk north twice
  • Get walnut, open walnut.

The Shield

  • Walk north twice, west twice, enter house
  • Look at bowl
  • Give bowl to man, fill
  • Get fiddle
  • Exit house and walk south twice
  • Walk up near door and eat house
  • Leave and return to screen until you get the Yum! message
  • Open door to enter and go into bedroom
  • Take note and read note
  • When witch gets home, push witch into oven
  • Open cabinet and take cheese
  • Exit house, walk west, south and wait for bird
  • Stand under a bouncing spot and jump to fly
  • Walk west, get mushroom
  • Walk east and fall in hole
  • Walk south, west and give cheese to rat
  • Open door and play fiddle
  • Walk south and get shield and sceptre
  • Walk west up the stairs and to the small doorway
  • Eat mushroom
  • Walk south twice, east, east, east, east and get clover
  • Walk south twice and west to the castle door
  • Open door, walk to king and bow to king.


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