Gobliiins Walkthrough

Note: The GO (Level) codes are included in case you've lost some energy or need to restart a level.

Outside the Wizards house, 1st time - VQVQFDE

Bobo the Warrior (horned helmet) - punch right pillar of archway. Dwayne the Technician (hat) - pick up horn and blow. When the branch falls from tree, Hooter the Magician (beard) - cast spell on branch. Dwayne - pick up pickaxe.

Getting Diamond - ICIGCAA

Hooter - cast spells on 2nd and 4th apples from left. Bobo - punch the huge apples. Dwayne - pick up huge apples and drop in gap of bridge one at a time. Dwayne - use pickaxe on shining spot on cave wall.

Outside the Wizards house, 2nd time - ECPQPCC

Dwayne - use the diamond on the front door.


Hooter - cast spell on the left plant. After the plant grows, Bobo - climb up the stem. Dwayne - pick up the left yellow pot (Pot 1) on the table on the left. Dwayne - use the pot on the plant on the right of the wizard. Bobo - punch the book that is standing on the far right of the table. Dwayne - pick up the diamond. Dwayne - put the diamond in the wizard's hand (climb up the book if it doesn't automatically).


Hooter - cast a spell on the small stick near the hunchback. Bobo - climb the stick and punch the large head statue in the right eye. Place Dwayne on the tongue. Hooter - cast a spell on the antenna of coffin. Don't let the zombie touch you. Move Hooter down the trail and place him on the tongue also. Bobo - punch the statue in the eye again. Once the zombie safely passes under the tongue and goes back the other way, Bobo - punch the eye again. Dwayne - pick up the mushroom on the right.


Hooter - cast spell on the middle yellow spider. Bobo - climb up the spider web thread connected to the middle yellow spider. Once on the top level, grab the right hanging threads. Dwayne - pick up the pistol on the right side of the cave. Go under the left sleeping spider and shoot it, climb up and take pillow and set it under the middle yellow spider. Hooter - cast a spell on the center spider. Dwayne - pick up big red bottle. Get gun and shoot red spider on the right.


Hooter - cast a spell on the bag in the tree then walk to the end of the right branch. Dwayne - pick up bag. Bobo - punch scarecrow. Dwayne - use the bag in the field in front of the scarecrow. Shortly after Dwayne throws the seeds on the ground, birds will walk into the field to eat the seeds. Bobo must punch the scarecrow again before the birds eat ANY seeds. Once the birds walk away, Hooter - cast a spell on the right cloud in the second set of clouds. Dwayne - pick up the new plant and give it to the wizard.


Hooter - cast a spell on the skeleton. Cast a spell on the bone the skeleton tosses. Dwayne - pick up the flute. Use the flute on the snake. Bobo - climb up the snake. Move either Dwayne or Hooter onto the scaffolding and have him stand on the left end of the right front plank. Bobo - punch the stones over the scaffolding. Repeat the procedure with the other goblin.


Dwayne - Walk near the tree and pick up the meat on the other side of the yard. Stay as far away from the dog as possible while you're getting the meat. Once you have the meat, use it on the dog.


Dwayne - use the meat on the first hole on the left. Climb up and get the windsock. Hooter - cast a spell on the small moving branch on the right. Set Hooter on the end of the branch. Move Bobo onto the rock beneath the branch and have him grab the vine hanging above. Repeat the procedure for Dwayne. Hooter - cast a spell on the cork. Dwayne - pick up cork and plug up top middle hole in tree. Pick up the windsock. Walk near top right hole. Bobo - punch the bird as it pokes his head out of the hole near the base of the tree. Dwayne - use windsock on hole after the bird is punched to catch him.


Dwayne - walk near tree, and walk up to dog from the direct left. Use the bird on the dog. Hooter - walk as Dwayne did and cast spell on the dog. Bobo - punch the door on the left side of the porch.


Dwayne - pick up the feather and tickle the skeleton's foot. Get the cup and ball on the right end of table and give it to the skeleton. Once the skeleton is busy, pick up the key. Give the key to the creature in the cage. Hooter - cast a spell on the feather. Dwayne - pick up the flyswatter and swat the wasp when it lands. Hooter - cast spell on the wasp. Dwayne - pick up the dart and throw it at the picture of the wizard. Get the doll. Pick up the elixir.


Hooter - cast a spell on the roots of the tree. Dwayne - pick up the bird call that is revealed. Use the bird call close to the nest. Move Bobo and Hooter up to the branch just above the bird's nest. When the bird flies away, an egg will jump up to the next branch. Bobo - punch the egg, then Hooter - cast a spell on the egg. Cast a spell on the horn lying near the graveyard gate. Move Hooter back to a safe spot. Bring Dwayne close to the graveyard gate. Use the elixir on self. Quickly walk the invisible imp past the gate. After Dwayne reappears, pick up the carrot and place it near the mole hole. Hooter - cast a spell on the mole. Once the wizard's attention is diverted, move Bobo past gate.


Hooter - cast a spell on the flat stone at the bottom of the rock pile. Dwayne - pick up the stick, climb onto the large flat rock. Use the fist to place the stick in the spot on the lower right side of the rock. Pick up the watering can. Water the carrots. After each carrot grows a little, Hooter - cast a spell on the left-most carrot and the 3rd from the right. Bobo - punch left carrot's nose. Dwayne - pick up the key. Use the key on the carrot keyhole.


Dwayne - pick up the matches on the top right shelf, light fire under pot. Bobo - punch the stack of cannonballs. Punch cannon to tilt it up. Dwayne - pick up cannonball and put it in the cannon. Bobo - punch cannon again. Get matches and light cannon fuse. Get carrot and put it in the cannon. Bobo - punch so it is level. Dwayne - light the cannon. Get a second carrot the same way as the first. Hooter - cast a spell on the second carrot. Dwayne - pick up the ear trumpet and use it on the rat. Get the mallet and strike the gong. You will see a pendulum fall. Pick it up.


Dwayne - pick up the small stone on the left and place it on the "X" to the right. Hooter - cast two spells on the stone, climb the ladder. Cast a spell on the far left palm tree. Bobo - punch the pickaxe. Dwayne - use the pendulum to find a good place on the ground to dig. You can tell if it is the right spot when the pendulum swings violently. Get the pickax and dig in this spot four times. Tip: the correct spot is near the bottom center of the screen.


Bobo - punch the wood pile. Dwayne - pick up the log and use it on the trap. Drop the log and have Hooter cast a spell on it. Hooter - cast a spell on the bag sitting on the rock. Move out of the way quickly. Dwayne - pick up the bag and again move quickly away. Set the bag down on the top level on the left-hand side. Get the can of deodorant and set it down next to the bag. Pick up the bag and use it. A foot will appear from the right and hop across the screen. While it's hopping, quickly pick up the can of deodorant. When it stops hopping, use the deodorant on it. Pick up the foot and place it on the rock in front of the dragon, move out of the way quickly then retrieve the foot and move away quickly. Feed the table trap. Take the dagger and place it in front of the dragon, move away quickly. Pick up the flaming dagger and move quickly.


Dwayne - use the burning dagger on the statue's locket. Place the burning dagger on the statue's right hand (the hand on your left). Walk to other hand, return to right hand, then get key and use it on the statue's right ear (the ear on your left). Move each goblin to the statue's left hand one at a time and they will be transported.


Bobo - punch the bunch of bananas. Dwayne - pick up the banana and use it on writer. Pick up the false nose and wear it in front of the writer. Pick up the bar of soap and use it in front of the writer. Take book from writer. Hooter - Cast a spell on the gate to open it.


Hooter - cast a spell on the coat of arms on the pedestal. Bobo - punch the lever. Hooter - cast a spell on the cork in the giant's ear. Dwayne - use the witchcraft book on the giant's ear, watch where tears fall. Get the bait from the portal with the red roof at the left of the screen. The fish is well hidden. Set the fish under the broken roof on the top right. A monster will come out. Put the bowl where the tears of the laughing giant fall. Use the witchcraft book on the giant's ear again. Pick up the bowl and carry it over to the monster on the top right. Use the tears on the monster. Pick up the catapult, it looks like a slingshot, by picking up other items on top of it first (hidden on top right).


Dwayne - use the catapult on the bananas. Bobo - punch the lever. Set the goblins on the fish.

End Game

Dwayne - use the catapult on the wizard. Hooter - cast a spell on the long stone on the ground in front of the skeleton bird's foot. Climb the stairs and cast a spell on the wizard. Dwayne - use the catapult on the top rope on the left, it will fall down. Pick it up and throw it onto the top right hand bone spur of the skeleton. Bobo - climb up the rope and punch the head of the wizard. Dwayne - shoot the spider silk with the catapult to free the hanging Bobo. Move Bobo out of the way. Dwayne - pick up the empty bag and place it under the wizard. Hooter - cast a spell on the wizard. The wizard will turn into a bunch of little spiders which fall into the bag. Quickly have Dwayne grab the bag and close it.


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