Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist Walkthrough

ACT 1 - Living the Coarsegold Dream
Enter Mom's Café, get can of beans, exit. Enter saloon, look at doctor, get whiskey glass. Exit through back door. Get icepick on barrel and elixir on broken caravan. Exit south. Open church door, get wax. Look in keyhole, get key. Walk right until you arrive at the school, get ladder. Walk left.

Enter pharmacy with key, go behind counter. Take her prescription and walk to the back room to make it. Walk to desk, get up close view. Get cylinder, get pepticlymacine tetrazole, put 40 ml in cylinder, get bottle, put cylinder contents in bottle, put cork on bottle, get bottle. Go back out front and give bottle to Penelope. Go back to the back of the store, go up the stairs. Open trunk and get outfit. Open night stand drawer and get key. Open dresser and get claim check. Go downstairs. Use key on desk. Unlock drawer, get letter. Go out front.

After Mom gives you her prescription, go to back room. Get 15 ml bismuth enterosalicyline and 30 gm phenodol oxytriglychlorate, mix in beaker with glass rod, process into pill form, put in box. Go out front, give to Mom.

After Madam Ovaree gives you her prescription, look at it. Use whiskey glass on it to read it. Give prescription to doctor in the saloon. Return to pharmacy. Go to the back room. In a mortar, put 15 gm of Bimethylquinoline crystals and 15 gm of powdered metyraphosphate. Get dispensing papers and put 5 gm on each paper, put in box. Go out front and give prescription to Madam Ovaree.

After Smithie arrives, get the Preparation G from the middle table in the store and give it to him.

ACT 2 - The Plot Sickens
Walk left to Smithie's (near the bridge), get coal, rope, leather strap. Put the coal in the tin can. Use ice pick to make holes in the can. Put leather strap on can. Put mask on Freddy. Walk right to mercantile store and get paper bag on counter. Exit store and use paper bag on a horse. Enter barber's and give him claim check. Go to pharmacy, fill lamp, analyze paper bag. Make preparation: combine 40 gm Sodium Bicarbonate and 15 ml Furachlordone in a beaker. Add water to make 100 ml. Add 5 gm Magnesium Sulfate, stir with glass rod. Pour into bottle, cork bottle. Add mixture to water troughs outside.

Go to saloon, give money to bartender. Use church key to open bottles. Go outside, walk left to bridge, cross it. When you see the snails, get one, then quickly pour the beer on the rest of them. Use ladder on man. Walk behind your pharmacy to outhouse. Look at people. Go back to bridge and get ladder. Go to Mom's Café and give her snail. Exit, go to pharmacy and get bicarbonate soda outside the door and enter. Go to back of store and make preparation: Combine 25 ml Bismuth Subsalicylate with 5 ml Orphenamethihydride in a test tube. Heat over flame. Pour into bottle, cork bottle. Go back to the outhouse, turn on faucet, pour water into beer bottles. Put the ladder on the side of the stand under the water tank. Climb, get ladder. Put the ladder on the side of the water tank, climb. Click hand icon on rope in inventory and throw it on the metal part on top of the water tank. Climb the rope, open the hatch and pour the medicine inside, climb down.

Exit pharmacy, walk right. Put bicarbonate soda on the right side of the see-saw. Get on the swing, keep clicking hand icon until you achieve maximum height. When you're at the highest part of the swing closest to the school, click hand icon on the left side of the see-saw. Go to whorehouse. Listen to sheriff and banker. Enter building. Get postcards on table.

ACT 3 - Guns and Neuroses
Exit pharmacy, get pile of horse dung. Enter barber shop, give him postcards. Go to Mom's Café, get coffee. Put pile of horse dung on floor, exit café, go to back of café and get pie from the window. Go to graveyard, get shovel, dig grave next to shovel. Get key. Cover up grave. Get lump of clay. Go to the bank, give bank the key. Empty out the safe deposit box. Go to sheriff's and give him pie and coffee. Clean guns and load it. Shoot. Go to pharmacy. Walk to screen outside graveyard. Drink bottles, put them on fence posts. Shoot all bottles. Go to mercantile shop and use wax on Willy. Exit and return. Get pocket knife. Use knife on wax, use clay on wax ear. Go to pharmacy. Get medallion hanging on wall. Go to back of store. Light alcohol lamp, use wax mold on it. Put silver medallion in a crucible and melt it on lamp. Use mold on crucible. Use hand icon on silver ear. Talk to Srini. Go upstairs, change outfits.

ACT 4 - Showdown at the Hallelujah Coral
Go to saloon, talk to Chester outside. Enter, look at poker game. Click hand icon on the third hand. Shoot brass rail at the bottom of the counter behind you. Exit saloon through back door. Climb stairs. Put can of laughing gas on the balcony. Go downstairs. Go just outside the brothel. Walk to gazebo, use gun on can of laughing gas. Go back to Main Street. Shoot bad guys. You can also shoot the vultures and snails. SAVE.

Shoot Kenny, get scarf, use it on ear. SAVE.

When with Penelope, drop your guns by clicking hand icon on gun in inventory. Get slate next to you. Click hand icon on chair until you fall. Get silver ear. Use ear on the floor, then on ropes. Go upstairs. Get sword, corner Penelope. Throw silver ear at Kenny.


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