EcoQuest 2 - The Lost Secrets of the Rainforest Walkthrough

At the docks
In inventory, open passport, give to official. Talk to man with sign. Talk to two women. Walk on dock, talk to fisherman, walk left. Walk east, talk to everyone. Click hand on crates to overhear men's conversation. Pick up tourist's trash. Walk left, right. Buy parrot. Walk left, open package, walk right, use recorder on boat leak. Use recorder on everything that lights up on each screen.

In the jungle
Talk to shy otter twice, record otter, get necklace. Record, recycle trash. Get leaf with sap. Walk east, record. Climb tree, use leaf on self. Climb. Record. Talk to each bird, walk west on lower branch, get purple plant. Walk east. Walk west on upper branch, record snake. Walk up, talk to each bird, record. Walk right on lower branch, use flowers on self when it's stinky. Push pitcher plant, climb down. Talk to all birds again. Walk left on upper branch. Follow red lizard, record. Walk south, record jaguar, get drum from end of branch.

Grove Village
Get fruit and vine. Record all. Throw fruit to pig. While he's eating, lasso him with vine. Walk right, record. Walk right, record. Walk left, put drum near other drum and look at pattern, get drumstick, play pattern. Get drum. Walk left, north, walk in first entrance. Put drum near other drum, get drum stick and play pattern as shown below.

Drum Pattern

Get drum, walk through vines. Sit in middle of tree, get branch, leave. Walk in 2nd entrance of tree, get pod, leave. Walk in 3rd entrance of tree, record, get cup, fill cup in pool, leave. Walk south, record. Talk to all people. Walk right, record and talk to everyone. Walk right, record, talk to everyone. Give drum to boy, talk to man. Use vine, walk to berries, get berries and necklace. Return by vine. Put pods and cup of sap on shaman's stool. Walk left, left. Give necklace to woman with baby. Walk right, give necklace to weaver. Walk left, get knife. Record butterfly. Walk right. Give knife to gardener. Give roots to the cook on the right. Walk right, get medicine from stool. Walk left, left, give medicine to baby. Walk right, give cup to cook on right. Walk left, put cup near pottery. Get cup and butterfly. Walk right, right, give butterfly to man, enter hut. Record all. Sit. Climb pole, fill hole in ceiling with sticky leaf. Climb down and sit. Talk to man. Choose correct paint pattern. Give branch to shaman. Get golden blossom. Talk to bat, show her amulet. Get net.

Cibola Camp
Get carrot, exit room, get fax, read fax in inventory. Push jaguar rug, click hand on floor opening. Get sheets, get sheets, get organizer. Tie sheets together in inventory. Use sheets on hole. Pull jaguar's tail, get note, look at note. Use organizer, press on button, press key button, enter password (word on note). Open safe, combination is number from organizer, get all. Record dead animal and bat. In inventory, click hand on gold mask. Open trunk, get tennis racket. Go down hole. SAVE. Hide behind each barrel to the front barrel and hide in front of the front barrel. Record. After man leaves, climb tower. Turn off satellite, get vacuum, click on basket. Use suspenders on hook of satellite. Hide in front of front barrel. Use vacuum on grain. In inventory get grain from vacuum. After man leaves, hide behind each barrel and walk east at the back of the screen. Hide behind crates. Record. After man leaves, use grain on right cage. Use key on cage. Get ax. Use ax on big log by river. Return to hut and talk to bat, return to boat, get in, use tennis racket as a paddle. After you get cursor back, record.

Bat Cave
Record bats. Talk to bat that is writing. Show him amulet. Get leaves. Use ecorder, find latin names and give each bat the appropriate leaf (including Paquita). Show remaining leaf to official and walk through tunnel right of bat's table. Record. Get on perch, talk to bat. Get down. Get truth stone and put on base of jaguar stone, answer jaguar's riddles (SAVE after each correct answer). Get feather, walk north. Talk to Paquita, walk back through cave. Use whistle, get in boat.

Flooded Forest
Record. Swim south, climb up vine, get fruit. Record. Swim north, east, talk to monkey. Record. Give monkey fruit, climb on rock, get piranha teeth. Swim west, south, use teeth on lily pad, get lily pad. Swim north, east, climb rock. Record eagle, show feather to eagle.

City of Gold
Record. Put mask in missing hole. Get gold. Recycle, get magnifying glass. In inventory, use magnifying glass on map necklace. Put gold and gold disc on seat of rock. Climb down. Find path to center. Turn tiles so that the outside pattern matches on all tiles (might have to turn center tile a couple times). Get item. Turn each tile once, get items. Click hand on footholes in wall, pull snake's tail. Exit room. Jump on islands to the middle island. Walk around until serpent arrives. Put on gold crown, play pipes. Swim north. Record. Get stone cup from statue. Place cup in fountain hole behind vines. Turn pillar head of fountain. Show orchid forest heart amulet, talk to orchids. Turn pillar. Select ecorder from inventory and test yourself, save first, answer questions correctly. Put golden blossom in cup. Get seedling. Jump down by using walk icon on ground. Put pot of gold dust on fountain. Use whistle. Click hand on water. Put seedling in hole. Use whistle. Look at Paquita.


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