EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus Walkthrough

Look at box. Get rag and detergent. In inventory, use detergent on rag. Use soapy rag on bird. Get fertilizer. Get garbage bag. Look at books five times. Get envelope from chair. Pick up envelope. Get soda can, put it in recycle box. Look at computer screen. Look at certificates on wall. Pour fertilizer in tank. Look at chalkboard. Get gerbil water, give it to gerbil. Open door with code.

Look at chalkboard. Talk to dolphin several times. Feed dolphin until he throws fish back. Get in pool. Get frisbee, toss to dolphin until he speaks. Toss frisbee to dolphin twice more. Open gate. Open door, open cabinet, get gear. Look at propeller. Use gear on Adam. Swim north twice.

Get glass jar. Recycle garbage to clear path. Swim left, put on tank. Swim south, south, right, south on left of screen. Recycle 8 times. Get cage. Go to temple on right. Get conch shell, exit temple. Put shell in hands of servant of bronze statue. Get trident. Return to temple. Look at left wall, slide pieces to correct picture. Use trident on 3 eyes on right wall. Talk to oracle. Solve riddles by clicking matching part of picture. Answers: Man, Fish - dolphin, Love - heart. Exit temple, go to gazebo, talk to mask. Solve columns by turning them until they all click in place. Talk to hermit crab, leave. Swim left. Recycle 10 times. Use fertilizer on whale coral. Talk to crab. Get shell. Swim east, north to apartments. Get rag. In inventory wipe off shell with rag. Recycle 8 times. Swim south, go to gazebo. Give shell to Superfluous, leave, swim north to apartments.

Enter bottom middle apartment. Show badge to guard. Push blowfish, get bag, get urchins, recycle bag, leave. Enter middle row left apartment, talk to fish, put urchins on potted plant on right, get shell, leave. Enter middle row right apartment, talk to fish, use sharp shell on rings, pick up rings, in inventory use sharp shell on rings, leave. Enter top right apartment, use tweezers on turtle twice, get screws, recycle both balloon pieces, leave. Enter bottom middle apartment, talk to manatee, talk to man, in inventory use screws on cage, use cage on propeller, recycle 2 times, get waterpump. Enter top left apartment, recycle bleach, use waterpump on window, get spine. Get mask, use trident on 3 eyes on right wall, give mask to oracle, leave, swim south.

Recycle 4 times, get mirror, swim right, right. Use jar on octopus. Hide in sponges (use hand on sponges), octopus opens jar. Get jar. Use mirror on octopus, get cable, swim right. Use trident to open toilet tank, get orb. Open compartment in vehicle, get saw. Get lure from post. Swim left, left, left. Put jar on ear of statue. Swim right, up cave. Pull pirate's pike twice, jump in water (with hand icon). Get key, follow red fish. Use lure on anemone that eats red fish, get key. Swim right, right, right, enter cave. Use jar with fish on cave. Get rocks from back wall, repeat until you see a silver sparkle. Click sparkle. Oil box with rag. Use key on box, get suit. In inventory use toilet orb on silver cable, use that on transmitter, and use that on the barrels. Men retrieve barrels. Exit north, look at mountain.

Use trident on ship door. Use sharp shell on net. Swim right, right, enter cave, enter cave, north. Use trident on door. Swim through door. Follow cable, swim to Cetus. Swim south. When mouth opens, swim in (use hand icon). Use saw on harpoon, exit mouth. Swim to Cetus. Use hand on harpoon, use potion on wound. When Cetus is fighting, use hand on mountain opening. Use sharp shell on net. SAVE. Use lionfish spine on manta when he's distracted. Get conch.


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