Conquest of the Longbow Walkthrough

Get purse and horn, exit cave. Talk to men, walk west, west, west, west. Walk down to road and shoot guard. Give peasant one ¼. Go campsite, walk east, north. Give Simon one ¼. Practice shooting. Go to widow's cottage, select map.

Exit cave, explore forest to find Marian, shoot monk, get slipper, blow horn, select map.

Exit cave. Go to overlook, walk down to road, talk to beggar. Give beggar, ½ penny. Go to town, go to Cobbler's. Give cobbler slipper, get comb. Go to pub, look at bucket, select map.

Exit cave, go to overlook. Walk down to road, shoot guard. Give poacher one ¼. Go to willow grove, give Marian silver comb. Give her emerald. Select map.

Exit cave. Visit widow's cottage. Go to overlook. Walk down to road, and stop either abbey monk (brown robe) or fens monk (black robe - see day six). Use hand on abbey monk. Go to town, go to St. Mary's. Enter abbey. Go to laundry room, get three robes, exit room. Enter chapel, open either door. Explore hedge maze to find route to secret door (remember route), go through door. Return to abbey, go to refractory, talk to abbot, get cask. Exit abbey, go to pub, enter pub. Give cask to barkeep. Talk to man at table twice, play and win Nine Men's Morris, wager ½ penny. Exit pub through gate in back, open second from left cask, walk right, follow path, move tapestry. Put amethyst in your cup, talk to abbot several times. Get cask. Take abbot's purse. Go to abbot's bedroom, move right pillow, replace pillow. Go to pub, enter, give cask to barkeep, pay abbot's bill of 12 pennies. Exit pub through front door, go to castle, give 1 penny to guard. Go to pub and exit through gate. Walk left. Look through hole in door, when guards leave, enter and place four pennies on table, exit room. When guards leave, enter, open trap door, use robes on trap door. Exit through pub, bless sheriff (talk to him when he asks). Talk to widow, get golden net.

Exit cave. Go to overlook, walk down to road, use bow on him, fight him with staff. Go to monastery, walk down to shore, use whistle, use hand on boat. Show whistle then pouch to guard and answer riddles. Go to refractory, talk to prior. Go to torture room (northwest tower). Release Fulk, talk to him. Go to scroll room (southeast tower), spill prior's wine, get scroll on desk, get Marian's scroll from back wall, bottom middle. Read other scrolls. Return to Fulk and give him his scroll. Exit. Give Fulk money. Click hand on gargoyles 1, 5, 3 (from left to right), get scroll from Fulk.

Exit cave, go to willow grove. Give her scroll, give her emerald. Walk through forest near oak tree and capture pixie with golden net - stand still a bit, he'll show up. Talk to tree and answer his riddles. The answers are: to "I am the heart..."-wood, "High born, my touch..."-snow, "I am the outstretched fingers..."-feather, "Golden treasure I contain..."-beehive, "My first master has four legs..."-fur, "Metal or bone I may be..."-comb, "Not born but from a mother's body drawn..."-cheese, "I am two faced but bear only one..."-coin, "I am a window..."-eye. Select map.

Open Fulk's scroll, read it. Write down the first letter of each name of a druid tree. Look at puzzle box and enter that word to open box. Exit cave, go to overlook. Walk down to road and give yeoman money. Go to town, go to fair. Talk to scholars and give scroll to scholar who shows correct coat of arms. Give one ¼ to beggar with peg leg, buy scarf for six ¼, get fortune told for two ¼, buy scented oil for 2 pennies, give one ¼ to beggar lying down. Enter archery tournament for 1 penny and win, select map.

Exit cave. Go to oak tree, walk one screen in any direction and when message about intruders, return to oak tree and use hand code for duir. Go to overlook, walk down to road, talk to jeweler several times, touch him twice. In inventory, open rouge, use rouge on Robin. Go to town, go to castle. Talk to guard. Talk to sheriff and wife several times. Put jewelry on table, take jewelry.

Exit cave, blow horn. Choose Little John's subterfuge plan. Go to town, go to pub, talk to barkeep several times, go through gate, keg, walk right, north, move tapestry, go to chapel, go through hedge maze, put on fire ring, open hedge maze door. Use emerald on Marian.

Exit cave, blow horn. Choose Tuck's plan of ambush.

Exit cave, go to oak tree and avoid sheriff's men. Go to overlook, walk down to road. Talk to knight, use password with hand code, talk to knight, shoot knight. Search knight. Blow horn. Give letter to Little John. Select map.

Exit cave, go to monastery, walk down to shore, use water ring. Talk to wisps, get in boat, follow wisps. Get out of boat, use hand code for gort. Climb ivy. Give letter to knight. Use hand code and password. SAVE. Climb down ivy.



	 |             |             |

	 |  4----------5----------6  |

	 |  |          |          |  |

	 |  |  7-------8-------9  |  |

	 |  |  |               |  |  |

	10-11-12              13-14-15

	 |  |  |               |  |  |

	 |  | 16------17------18  |  |

	 |  |          |          |  |

	 | 19---------20---------21  |

	 |             |             |


Two sequences that you will win (both start at same spot, see which play Harry makes, then follow that list).

Instructions: place a chip until all are placed, then move a chip. If a mill is established (3 in a row) then you take one of the other players chips.
-> indicates a move of a chip, T means which chip to take


1) 22 23
2) 3 2
3) 13 15
4) 7 8
5) 5 17
6) 20 1
7) 11 18
8) 16 12
9) 14 6
10) 11->19 1->10
11) 14->21 T6 2->1
12) 21->14 1->2
13) 14->21 T15 2->1
14) 3->15 1->2
15) 21->14 T2 5->6
16) 14->21 T6 12->11
17) 21->14 T11 10->1
18) 14->21 T1 23->24
19) 21->14 T24 GAME OVER
1) 22 1
2) 3 24
3) 13 2
4) 5 6
5) 15 14
6) 18 4
7) 11 9
8) 20 19
9) 7 8
10) 22->10 24->23
11) 20->17 19->20
12) 13->18 9->13
13) 7->12 T13 8->9
14) 12->16 T9 14->13
15) 16->12 T13 6->14
16) 12->16 T14 20->19
17) 16->12 T19 23->20
18) 12->16 T20 GAME OVER


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