View Resources: Overview
ViewA view resource is a collection of groups of frames used in the game. They are used for moving objects, static objects and animation. Views are drawn over the background picture at specified coordinates from the bottom center point, with transparency if needed.

Examples of views are Larry in Leisure Suit Larry, and objects you can pick up, such as a key.

Views are have the capability to hold virtually as many groups (loops) and frames (cels) per group as you need, as they are specified with 16 bit integers. However, the file size is limited to 64kb, so the view resource must not exceed that limit. No one would use one view for 65536 frames, and there are 1000 views available, so it's no big deal.

To save space, the view resources are run length encoded and have the feature of cell mirroring. The best use of this would be for the views of characters in the game. You only would have to draw three loops, one for walking up the screen, one for walking down, and one for walking left and right. The left and right would be mirrored.

You can use the view editor To create and edit views.