Said strings are used to parse the player's input in the game. They begin and end with single quote characters ('). They consist of words, and a few special characters.

The Said Operators - *Thanks to Lars Skovlund for the information
, "OR". Used to specify alternatives to words, such as "take , get".
& Unknown. Probably used for debugging.
/ Sentence part separator. Only two of these tokens may be used, since sentences are split into a maximum of three parts.
( Used together with ')' for grouping
) See '('
[ Used together with '[' for optional grouping. "[ a ]" means "either a or nothing"
] See '['.
# Unknown. Assumed to have been used exclusively for debugging, if at all.
< Semantic reference operator (as in 'get < up').
> Instructs Said() not to claim the event passed to the previous Parse() call on a match. Used for successive matching.

The said words must be defined in vocab.000. To create and edit vocab.000 resources in SCI Studio 3.0, use the Vocabulary Editor.

An example of using said strings
(procedure (SaidProc)
if(Said('open < door')