[heapPtr] Display(string text[, params])

Displays the specified text to the screen. Following the text, you can specify how the string is displayed or handled with parameters. Each parameter has a type ID, specified in SCI.SH.

The parameters are as follows:

dsCOORD 2 parameter, (X,Y) coord of where to write on the port.
dsALIGN 1 parameter
alRIGHT Align right
alLEFT Align left
alCENTER Align center
dscolor 1 parameter, set the text color.
dsBACKGROUND 1 parameter, set the background color (-1 to draw text with transparent background)
dsDISABLED 1 parameter, set the "gray text" flag (1 to draw disabled items)
dsFONT 1 parameter, (resource number) set the font
dsWIDTH 1 parameter, set the width of the text (the text wraps to fit in that width)
dsSAVEPIXELS no parameters, set the "save under" flag, to save a copy of the pixels before writing the text (the handle to the saved pixels is returned)
dsRESTOREPIXELS 1 parameter, (handle to stored pixels) restore under. With this command, the text and all other parameters are ignored.
Display("Hello World")

    "Hello World"
    dsCOORD 60 80
    dscolor clRED
    dsFONT 4
    dsWIDTH 200

See Also: TextSize