Class: Event (of Obj)

The Event class is one of the most widely used classes in SCI games. It is used to find out if the user has given input.



Event Types (defined in SCI.SH)

The events can be any or all of the following. If bit 15 ($8000) is set, it will disable joystick polling.

evNULL A null event
evMOUSEBUTTON A mouse button press event
evMOUSERELEASE A mouse button press event
evKEYBOARD A keyboard event
evJOYSTICK A joystick event
evMOUSEKEYBOARD A mouse button press or keyboard event
evALL_EVENTS Check for all events

Event Messages

The event message property has multiple uses. For a keyboard event, it returns contains they keycode. For a mouse, it specifies the button pressed. All interpreters earlier than 0.000.629 only support one button.

The claimed property is a boolean value (TRUE/FALSE) which specified whether the event object can be used. If it is claimed, it will be read only.

The x and y properties specify the mouse coordiantes.