About SCI Studio

Version 3.0 - March 5th, 2003
By Brian Provinciano
Copyright © 1999-2003 Brian Provinciano
Web: http://scistudio.sourceforge.net/

SCI Studio is a completely free game development system for Sierra's SCI game engine. It allows you to create games like Sierra's King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and Quest for Glory.

I began developing SCI Studio in May of 1999. At the very end of August that year, I released SCI Graphic Studio 1.0, an editor for a number of the SCI graphic resources. Around mid-December of the same year, I released SCI Graphic Studio 1.5, an extension of the previous version with many new features. As soon as it was released, I went past the graphics and began development on SCI Studio, the complete SCI game development system. SCI Studio 2.0 was under development and steadily progressing, but still had a lot of work to be done. After nearly two years, the compiler took shape and was creating SCI scripts.

By mid 2001, SCI Studio 2.0 was released. It edited the graphics, managed the packages, and built scripts and vocabs. It was still far from complete, as it still needed a template game and extensive documentation. In mid 2002, through my continuous effort and dedication, I finally finished SCI Studio 2.1, including the complete template game, tutorial, and extensive help file.

Now, in early March of 2003, SCI Studio 3 has been completed, and SCI Studio VGA has gone into full development!

You can now create your own complete SCI games!