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The Adventures of Willy Beamish

ZIP File Willy Beamish Update (WILLYFIX) (ZIP file) [3.26 KB]

This file will fix the problem with program Lockup on Willy Beamish. Simply copy it to the WILLY game directory and restore prior to the lock up.


ZIP FileAirbucks Patch (abuck121) (ZIP file) [132 KB]

Upgrades Airbucks version 1.2 to version 1.21

Alien Legacy

ZIP File Alien Legacy Patch (al101) (ZIP file) [263 KB]

This patch will update Alien Legacy to version 1.01. This updated version corrects all identified technical issues in version 1.00 of Alien Legacy. Please be sure to read this entire readme file for additional information not covered in the Trouble Shooting section of the game's manual.


ZIP File Arcanum Patch () (ZIP file) []

This patch will

The Blue and the Gray

ZIP File The Blue and the Gray Patch (blue101) (ZIP file) [76.8 KB]

This patch will update your copy of Edward Grabowski's The Blue and the Gray version to version 1.01.

D-Day, Beginning of the End

ZIP File D-Day, Beginning of the End Update (dday11) (ZIP file) [378 KB]

This update will fix the following problems that have been encountered in D-Day, Beginning of the End.

  • Transports unable to off-load or load Divisions.
  • Fortified troops always being Tired.
  • Divide errors in the " Race for Berlin " & " Battle of the Bulge "
  • Problems with the Victory Point tallies and Game End conditions.
  • Sound Blaster settings.
  • Duplicate US 4th Divisions.
  • Altering the Start Date for any campaign.

This update will also allow you to play D-Day vs. a human opponent using Modem and Null-Modem links.

PLEASE NOTE: This patch will NOT fix existing Game Saves. If you have a Game Save that is experiencing any of these problems, you will have to start the game over.

David Wolf: Secret Agent

ZIP File David Wolf Config (ZIP file) [6.42 KB]

The CONFIG.EXE contained in this ZIP file will allow you to override the SmartStart installation and manually choose the options for your system. This is not a guaranteed fix, but it has been very successful.


ZIP File Detroit version 2.1 Update (det21) (ZIP file) [384 KB]

This update fixes all known problems in Detroit, and adds complete modem play.

Diablo Hellfire

ZIP File Diablo HellFire 1.0.1 Update (hf101) (ZIP file) [577 KB]

No description available.

Early Math CD

ZIP File Early Math CD Patch (mathcd) (ZIP file) [519 KB]

Originally the Early Math CD would crash after you picked an apple, this patch corrects this problem.

This patch copies a new version of the Early Math CD application onto your hard drive and creates a new program item in the Bright Star group. The new program item is named "Early Math CD Patch". You should delete the original program item, which is named "Early Math CD".

The Fates of Twinion

ZIP File The Fates of Twinion Update (TWNPAT) (ZIP file) [297 KB]

This update will prevent an error message that states: "Cannot access Hall of Heroes" near the end of the game after killing Queen Aeowyn in the off-line version of the game. To update your copy of The Fates of Twinion, simply copy these files into your Twinion directory.

The Last Dynasty

ZIP File The Last Dynasty Patch (ldjoy) (ZIP file) [501 KB]

Some customers have not been able to get their joystick to work in Windows 95. This patch corrects this problem. In addition, the patch corrects the "illegal Dynalink call" error message when starting the game in Windows 95.

Lost In Time

ZIP File Lost in Time CD Patch Update (LITCD) (ZIP file) [112 KB]

This patch will fix problems that occur in conjunction with certain sound cards and CD ROM drives.


ZIP File Megamath Patch (megpat) (ZIP file) [45.0 KB]

This patch corrects voice and sound problems associated with the Sound Blaster 16's and the Pro Audio Spectrum Plus's and 16's.

Moto-X 2000

ZIP File Moto X 2000 1.04 Patch (MotoXPatch) (ZIP file) [685 KB]

This file updates Moto-X 2000 to version 1.04. It fixes a single player only issue where it exits to the desktop when you start a track.


ZIP File PowerHouse Update (power11) (ZIP file) [814 KB]

This patch will update PowerHouse to version 1.1.

In this version, A game length option will give you a choice, in years, of the length of the game. This gives you the ability to control the time you are given to play. You are given the choices of 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 years.

The following Error Messages are fixed:

  • General Protection Faults:
    • Power caused a general protection fault in POWER.EXE
    • Power caused a general protection fault in USER.EXE
  • Errors with Pipes are now fixed. Pipes can be removed without causing errors.
  • Pallate Issues In Windows 95 have been addressed.

Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires

ZIP File Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires Update (rise101) (ZIP file) [1.31 MB]

Adds modem play to Windows 3.1, addresses problems building 3rd level buildings in city mode, fixes random GPFs and error messages. Also improves enemy AI, giving each enemy culture a different set of strategies and "personalities".


ZIP File MSDOS Silpheed Joystick Fix (silph) (ZIP file) [70.3 KB]

This S.EXE file has been modified to allow some of the faster IBM 286 or 386 based machines to run Silpheed with their joysticks (Micro-Channel included). This new file will correct the symptom of the ship sinking to the lower right hand corner of the screen and not moving. The fire buttons will work, but you cannot move the ship.

Torin's Passage

ZIP File Torin's Passage Patch (TORINPAT) (ZIP file) [33.7 KB]

This patch fixes error 47, lockups, and dos4gw errors when saving or restoring games.

Total Meltdown

ZIP File Total Meltdown Update (tmeltfix) (ZIP file) [106 KB]

This version of the Browser fixes the problem with chipset detection that result in an error message or blank screen.

Ween: The Prophecy

ZIP File The Prophecy Patch (PRHPAT) (ZIP file) [116 KB]

Some (usually faster) systems may have graphics problems with Ween: The Prophecy. This patch disk should take care of these graphics problems.

When Two Worlds War

ZIP File When Two Worlds War Update (whenv13) (ZIP file) [381 KB]

No description available.

Woodruff & the Schnibble

ZIP File Woodruff & the Schnibble Patch (WOODPAT) (ZIP file) [116 KB]

This update fixes all known issues with the Woodruff & the Schnibble.


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