Krondor Series Updates

Betrayal at Krondor

ZIP File Betrayal at Krondor Update (BAKPAT) (ZIP file) [261 KB]

Fixes save game corruption, adds rope in chapter 5, fixes lockup using Final Rest spell, fixes magical trap in chapter 6, items in Morhedel locked chests can no longer be stolen.

ZIP File STB video card Update (STBVID) (ZIP file) [2.62 KB]

This executable file will correct the "blank video" problem experienced by Sierra customers using STB video cards and some Sierra Family (Dynamix) games.

Betrayal in Antara

ZIP File Betrayal in Antara - Update 1.1 (ANTAR110) (ZIP file) [241 KB]

This patch will officially update Betrayal in Antara, version 1.0 to 1.1. The update will correct the problem some users have had when loading chapters, as well as a few other issues. See the text file, PATCH110.TXT, that will be found in the game directory once the patch is installed, for more information.

Return To Krondor

ZIP File Return To Krondor Update (RTK106) (ZIP file) [337 KB]

This update will patch of Return To Krondor. It fixes the save problem with the book options, provides some DirectSound workarounds, and addresses some intermittent crashes to Windows.


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