Gabriel Knight II English Subtitle Patch

The Gabriel Knight II English Subtitle Patch is Is a project that was developed by member laffer35 (Øystein) to add English subtitles to The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery. Nonnative English speakers or those with hearing impediments may find this patch useful. I have packaged it with one of my installers to ease the application of the patch.

  • EXE Gabriel Knight II English Subtitle Patch (EXE file) [1.20 MB]

    "This patch was originally made by "kelmer". He created the patch to display Spanish subtitles in the game, including the video sequences. I used that patch and replaced every line with English using SCI Resource Viewer.

    Keep in mind that I did this by ear - listening to every line spoken in the game and writing it down. This means that there might be some errors here and there where the speech was unclear and I didn't quite catch what was being said. However, I don't think there is much of that. I played through the entire game using my subtitles and it seems to be pretty good - except for some German lines, I don't speak German.

    This was a LOT of work, more than it sounds like... so I'm pretty sick of this whole project. Please only contact me if there is something very wrong (with the subtitles, not the patch itself... I didn't make it so I wouldn't know)."

    - laffer35 (Øystein)


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