Breach Series Updates

Breach 2

ZIP File Breach 2 2.3 Patch (B2PAT23) (ZIP file) [268KB]

This "patch" will update your copy of Breach 2 from any prior version 2.0 or higher to version 2.3. To check which version you currently own, examine the version number displayed when the game title screen appears.

To update your game, simply copy the files to your game directory.

Breach 3

ZIP File Breach 3 Update (B3PATCH) (ZIP file) [595 KB]

This patch updates version 1.00 of Breach 3 to version 1.01, This patch fixes the following problems :

  • Importing Breach 2 or Rules of Engagement 2 leaders problems.
  • The game could occasionally crash when a medkit was used.
  • Small, scattered 'drops' of terrain were sometimes displayed wrong on the sensor map during a limited visibility game.
  • Animations could not be attached to terminators in the builder.
  • A remote charge would become a proximity mine if dropped and picked up again.
  • Beasts sometimes behaved strangely when facing a lone, unfiring Squad Leader.
  • The Campaign Debriefing window: this was incorrectly headed Mission Briefing, and sometimes wrapped text incorrectly.
  • A small graphical change has been made to the Builder's Equipment Pool screen.
  • The game now asks for confirmation if you start a mission without equipping your men, or if you leave the entire Builder section without saving.


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