King's Quest Easter Eggs

King's Quest 1

  • SCI Version
    • Look at the smoke that comes out of the pot in the witch's house. It comes out as monsters.
  • AGI & SCI Versions
    • When you give the rat in the leprechaun tunnel a piece of cheese, it will swipe your fingers. Count your fingers!

King's Quest 2

  • After you've traveled to the top of the cliff with the magic carpet, walk past the snake and you will come to a rock with a small hole in it. Look inside it to see a preview of Space Quest I.
  • Go outside Hagatha's cave, and walk on and off the screen a few times. You will eventually see the batmobile coming out of the cave.
  • On the screen with the trident, walk one screen north and one screen east. Go behind the tree that is the closest to the screen on the right, and type "Read sign". An announcement for Space Quest II will appear.
  • At any time, type in "What is Graham's first name?" and it will respond "Cracker."
  • When Graham finally meets Valanice, type kill woman for a funny message!

King's Quest 3

  • Look behind the tapestry in the hallway upstairs by your bedroom. It will display a message about the upcoming King's Quest IV.
  • When in the 3 bears house, try sitting in the chairs, then sleeping in the beds. Eat the porridge, too, to hear his response... but don't eat the little bowl without saving!
  • Enter the chicken coup and try to eat chicken to get a strange message.
  • At the waterfall in the mountains, drink water.
  • In the pirates ship in the room just above the hold, walk into the hole so you start to fall and while next to the ladder type "JUMP ON LADDER" and it will make you be able to walk on the air. Save before trying.
  • After rescuing Rosella from the dragon, talk to her. She will say she doesn't believe that it's her brother and mention a birthmark her brother had on his butt. He ends up showing her the birthmark!

King's Quest 4

  • When you're swallowed by the whale, you can see a bottle inside of him. Take it and read the note inside. Many questions of troubled adventurers are written on it.
  • Wear the crown in the swamp. Save first.
  • The minstrel's name is Frankie of Avalon, a parody of the singer Frankie Avalon.
  • Type in a bad swear word (Such as the 'F' word) and the game will mention Leisure Suit Larry.
  • When you enter the storage room to retrieve the hen and Pandora's box, listen to the music. It's the music of Astro Chicken from Space Quest 3!
  • Upon starting the game, if you enter debug mode (Alt+D) and press Enter twice you will get a command promt. At the promt type PIRATE and press Enter and you will be greeted with:

click image

  • After you kill Lolotte, go to the hallway outside the prison cell, then type BEAM ME. You get teleported to a room with a bunch of Sierra employees! This only works for the AGI version of the game.

King's Quest 5

  • Put cape on sled after it crashes (non collection version of game).
  • After Cedric is kidnapped by the wolves and Graham is about to use the sled, look at the middle mountain. It will mention it looks familiar to Graham. That looks a lot like the Sierra logo mountain!
  • Have Graham go very close to the anthill and he'll start to dance.
  • Go to the screen west of the anthill. After few seconds, the Roadrunner will appear. If you click the eye icon on it, you will get the message, "It looks like something's after him." If you click the hand icon, you will hear "Beep! Beep!"

King's Quest 6

  • If you walk up the cliffs of logic then make Alexander fall (by clicking on the ground). Do this 3 times and he'll tell you to stop.
  • On the shelves in the pawn shop are items that of the previous King's Quest games (1-5).
  • At the gate to the Realm of the Dead, use your hands on the bones.
  • Talk to the rotten tomato after you pick him up.

King's Quest 7

  • The rat under glass in Dr. Cadaver's office quotes from Silence of the Lambs.
  • In the Faux Shop you can spot the glasses that the Two Guys from Andromeda wear (Space Quest).
  • After wearing the cloak, try to meet the boogy man - he'll have an interesting conversation with you.
  • After wearing the cloak, visit the pumpkin house kids.
  • In chapter two, when you play Rosella, click on the stove in the kitchen. She'll say it's large enough to cook a moose in there and then you'll here a moose grunt.

King's Quest MoE

  • Daventry
    • When you are at the fountains, keep drinking. After a few times, Connor will have too much water and make an obnoxious sound.
    • When you get to the house across the bridge in Daventry (the house where the child's house is), go to the backyard. You'll see an outhouse in the corner. Go in it and a Spriggan is in there doing his business.
    • When you are at Connor's house use a reveal potion and look at the trees click on the red glob. Connor acquires a bare skin armor with a mask piece for censorship.
    • The only part where you can climb the mountains of Daventry is by Sarah's house. There's a part where you can climb all the way to the top. When there, go straight forward and you can see a picture of a married couple from the Mask Team.
    • In Daventry, drink a bunch of beer in the tavern to see Connor get dizzy! Plus, you get health points!
  • Dimension of Death
    • Bring the Ice Scepter back to the sylph and you will hear voice clips of the guy who plays Connor. There are 4-5 clips and are a little risqué.
    • Click on the box near the dead guy about 25 times and you will hear someone say 'Let me outta here!'. It is said someone from the Mask Team had a desk toy that did this.
  • Frozen Reaches
    • Go to Queen Freesia's castle. She will say something. Click the sword on Queen Freesa. She will say something. Click the sword on the nymph standing to the left of Queen Freesa. She will say something. Put away your sword. Now go look at the northwest corner of the west wall (the section of the wall closest to the door nymph). You will see a series of bricks on the wall. Starting a the very top of the northwest corner, go down 3 blocks and over 7 blocks (total of 9 blocks). Half-covered blocks count as one block. Click several times on that last block (ninth block) with just the arrow cursor (no sword), and a little Leisure Suit Larry 7 character will make a cameo appearance. Listen to what Connor and Queen Freesa's reactions to this character! It is a bit off-color.
  • In Console Mode
    • Type oscar to see programmer David Wenger's bassett hound Oscar floating around Connor in circles.
    • Type ruth to see artist Todd Bryan's wedding photo floating around Connor.
    • Type welch-piel to produce a painting in Connor's house Art Director Jason Piel's wife.
    • Type rocket to show the type of rockets that one of the programmers had worked on as a researcher

King's Quest Related Easter Eggs found in other games

KQ Easter Eggs In Space Quest Games

  1. In SQ 4 ,when Roger is in the bird's nest on Estros, you can see Graham in the background being carried by the eagle in KQ 1.
  2. In SQ 1, when you are traveling in the escape pod, press the "don't touch" button, and you will be transported to KQ1 into the moat of Castle Daventry.
  3. In SQ 1, if you talk to the Sarian guard he will ask if you played KQ2. Say "yes" and you get extra points.
  4. In SQ 4, Visit the Software store, there is a game box named King's Quest 48: Old Man Graham
  5. In SQ 4, if you play the Mrs. Astro Chicken game, Cedric (of KQ5) will fly by on the video screen.
  6. In SQ6, after you feed Magnum Opus a faulty donut, he'll going into hysteria, and for a brief moment, become Elton John playing Girl In The Tower.

KQ Easter Eggs In Quest For Glory Games

  1. In QFG 2, there is a Princess Rosella hand puppet for sale in Keapon Laffin's Magic Shop
  2. There is a stuffed moose in every QFG game. This moose is also in KQ3 in Manannan's dining room!
  3. In QFG 1, there is one scene in Erasmus' place with several references to KQ games. This picture shows an engraving on a coffin. It is a fragment of the "Rosella Stone." ´┐ŻAnother thing in this scene the peacock on Genesta's island.

**Thank You Kimmie's Roberta Williams Anthology Page and Sierra Easter Egg Collection**

KQ Easter Eggs In Laura Bow Games

  1. In LB 2, When you go to the basement in the alcohol preserving room, in the front vat furthest to the left, the museum has preserved King Edward of Daventry.
  2. In LB 2, in the front and center vat, if you put the eye on it Laura will say something about how the unicorn is left over from KQ4
  3. In LB 1, when you are by Celie's house, Type: talk to chickens, and it will mention KQ3
  4. In LB 1, When you are by Blaze, Type: put bridle on horse, and it will mention KQ4
  5. In LB 1, On the pier, Type: kiss frogs, and it will mention KQ4

KQ Easter Eggs In Leisure Suit Larry Game

  1. In LSL 1 Original, look at the moose in Lefty's bar. Could that be the one from KQ3 and the QFG games?
  2. In LSL 2, while in the jungle, there it is: the infamous peacock that appears in KQ4 and QFG1.
  3. In LSL 2, in the barber shop, Rosella makes an appearance as a hairdresser.
  4. In LSL6, when you call 683-4468 from your Room Phone, you'll get the Sierra help lines with the song "Girl in the Tower" playing in the back renamed "Girl in the Shower"

KQ Easter Eggs In Other Games

  1. In Torin's Passage, you hear "Girl in the Tower" playing in the background when you walk past the curtains in Tenabrus. -Datadog7


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