AGI/SCI Tools and Utilities Links

  • Sierra's Resource Files - Akril's page about game resources found in the Sierra SCI games.
  • VAG's SCI page - Download VMD Player and play the VMD movies in many of the later Sierra SCI games.
  • Sierra Gamers - Site of Ken Williams, the founder of Sierra On-line.
  • Vintage Sierra - Website devoted to information on the old Sierra classics. The forums have become a haven for collectors and pawners. Great place to find some rare items.
  • AGI - Website dedicated to all things AGI. Has its own forums plus it hosts the mega-tokyo forums. In its own forums it has a section dedicated to Good Old Adventures.
  • Good Old Adventures - A graphic AGI chat room where you can chat as a number of Sierra AGI game characters in many Sierra AGI game screens.
  • Quest for More Glory - Walkthroughs and archive material for the Quest for Glory series.
  • - The largest and most complete archive of Space Quest related material on the internet. Parent site of The Janitorial Times.
  • Gabriel Knight 4 Campaign - Gabriel Knight resources and campaign material.
  • Sierra Chest - Rudy's Sierra site. Under active development.
  • Terra-Arcanum - The Terra-Arcanum main site. Resources for Arcanum and other Troika Games.
  • HeavenGames - A huge site that supports more than just Sierra games, but they are THE place for any of the Sierra city building games. (Pharaoh, Zeus, Emperor, Caesar). Each game has its own page and forums.

New Patches / Installers


  • NAGI - A modern interpreter for the Sierra AGI games. Solves a number of issues with the AGI games on modern computers.
  • ScummVM - ScummVM, a modern interpreter for the Lucas Arts and other adventure games has incorporated the old Sarien project to add support for the Sierra AGI games. The Free SCI project has merged with the ScummVM project and SCI support is being added to ScummVM.


  • SCI - A site dedicated to those that want to create their own SCI games.
  • SCI Companion - An SCI editor. Can be used to create your own SCI games.
  • AGI Studio - Develop your own AGI games.
  • Adventure Game Studio - Powerful adventure game designing all-in-one toolkit used by AGDI for the King's Quest and Quest for Glory remakes.
  • Mega-Tokyo Forums - Forums dedicated to AGI and SCI game development as well as programming in general.


Fan Games

  • AGD Interactive - The home of the King's Quest 1 and 2+ remakes as well as the Quest for Glory 2 Remake.
  • Infamous Adventures - The creators of the King's Quest III remake and the upcoming Space Quest II remake.
  • King's Quest II SCI Remake - My own remake of KQ2 in the 16-colour SCI engine (Space Quest 3, King's Quest IV, Police Quest 2, Conquests of Camelot, etc).
  • The Silver Lining - The upcoming unofficial King's Quest XI fangame.
  • King's Quest IV Remake Forums - The forums of Magic Mirror Games, the group working on a KQ4 remake.
  • Hero 6 Project - An unofficial sequel of sorts to the Quest For Glory series.


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