Ween: The Prophecy Hints

  Q. What can the Copper Ball be turned into and what are the three treasures that influence the copper ball?

  1. Copper Ball + Ring = Cauldron
    Copper Ball + Tiara = Pipe
    Copper Ball + Necklace = Sword

  Q. What can I do with the pollen, venom, elixir & truffle?

  1. Pollen + Venom = Potion * For making plants grow
    Pollen + Venom + Elixir = Potion 1 * For killing the monster(See 3.4)
    Venom + Truffle = Luciferys * Change ruby into fire
    Pollen + Truffle = Vitalys * Bring stone to life
    Pollen + Venom + Truffle = Change * Effects silver metal


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