Shivers 2 Puzzle Solutions

Lobby Vending Machine
Your Hotel TV/VCR
Your First Bahos
Bakery and Barbershop Doors
Pearl's House Spider Puzzle
Cemetary Picture Puzzle
Warehouse Door/Cemetary Statue
Warehouse Marble Solution
Phil's Market Cash Register
Phil's Market Soda Machine
Phil's Market Egg Puzzle 1
Phil's Market Egg Puzzle 2 Bakery Doughnuts
Safari S &L Bank Door
Safari S &L Wall Safe
Safari S & L Vault
S &L Picture Puzzle
S & L Computer
S & L Trash Can Letter
Church Bingo Puzzle
Church Donation Box
Library Door
Barbershop Spider Puzzle
Sheriff's Office Cards
Jail Cell Door
Max's Cave Door Sticks
Gas Station
Gas Station Chess Puzzle
Mine Enterance
Torch and Back Kiva Door
Burt's Trailer/Cafe Candle
Final Crystal/Light Puzzle

Lobby Vending Machine:
You need to buy batteries. You are short one coin. The coin is in Phil's Market on the floor next to the soda machine. Combine your change by looking at your change, when it's big, click and drag the extra coin on it so it combines. At the vending machine, click in the battery code, click your change on the machine, and the batteries should appear for you.

You need the chewing gum from the Lobby desk. Click the gum on every tv you see on the red dot on it. Then you won't be transported to the Canyon and you'll be able to see all the videos.

Your Hotel TV/VCR:
There's a video cassette in your trunk. And there's also one in the safety deposit box in the vault at the bank.

Your First Bahos:
Here's a quick runthrough of what to do with your first bahos stick. All the fun puzzles in the game will not show up until you successfully place your first bahos in the kiva on the altar. So, take the bahos, run to the canyon, run through the canyon till you find the picture that was near the bahos stick. Click the picture, complete the tanagram puzzle, run through the canyon again till you come to a blue ladder. Climb the ladder. Go through the door that has a blue door in it. Click the flat rock with pictures on it. It will open and reveal a blue skull. Click the skull. The blue door will open. Go forward a few times till you come to the altar. SAVE your game here. Now click the bahos stick on its picture on the altar. Your lifeforce will return. Use the Map feature to warp out of the kiva. Now, your fun puzzles will show up throughout the game.

Bakery and Barbershop Doors:
Number the top two levers, from left to right, 1 and 2. Number the left-hand levers, from top to bottom, 3 and 4. Restart the puzzle by walking away and coming back until you have the circle or letter parts next to the 2nd lever, next to the 3rd lever, with the other two at the very bottom left and farthest bottom right. So all the parts should be kind of at each separate corner of the puzzle. Just keep resetting the puzzle until you have this configuration. Now, move the levers this way: 3, 4, 2, 1, 4, 3, 2, 1. That's it. This solution works for both doors as long as you reset the puzzle to the right configuration.

Bakery and Barbershop Doors

The decoder for the message is in the oven in Pearl's House. It spells Lyle's Cymbols. This is a clue to click on the cymbols in the Warehouse.

Pearl's House Spider Puzzle:
Here's the gif of the solution.

Pearl's House Spider Puzzle

Cemetary Picture Puzzle:
Here's the gif of the solution. The picture itself can be found in the cafe behind a wall picture.

Cemetary Picture Puzzle

Warehouse Door/Cemetary Statue:
In order to get into the Warehouse, you have to watch a video that shows you the angel and talks about touching left to right one by one. Once you've seen that video, go to the cemetary and place the flower from the cafe in it's holder on the statue. Now click the toes from left to right, one by one. The base of the statue will open and you'll get a cd case. The paper in the case is the solution to the warehouse door puzzle and the bar in the case is the missing bar on the door.

Warehouse Marble Solution:
You have to get all the marbles in their proper colored spaces, like all the blue in the blue spaces and so on in only about 38 moves. To use this solution, click the ball directly to its destination, don't click it square by square, that way you should get the correct number of moves. Number along the top, left to right, one through seven. And letters A through G down in the side, top to bottom. And move the marbles this way:

6G-3G, 1F-1C, 2A-5A, 7F-7G, 7G-6G, 7B-7F, 6E-7E (free), 7E-7B, 2C-2D (free), 2D-1D, 1D-1F, 5D-5E, 5E-7E (free), 2B-2D (free), 3B-3C (free), 5B-2B, 2B-2A, 5F-5B, 5B-2B, 4C-4B, 3F-5F, 6F-6D, 6D-5D, 6C-6E, 3C-6C, 3D-3B, 2D-3D, 2E-2C, 4E-4F (free), 6E-1E, 6C-6F, 6B-6E, 6E-4E, 4B-6B, 5A-5B, 2C-6C, 2F-2C, 2C-4C, 4F-2F, 3G-3F, 1E-2E, 1C-2C, 7E-6E

Phil's Market Cash Register:
Click on the snake, leave the market, come back, when the snake is gone, click its cage. The solution is in there. 12x89#417

Phil's Market Soda Machine:
The token is under a tile on the window ledge. It's refered to in a video, I think it's called Get A Grip and you see a window in it. Take the token, put it in the machine, click the soda buttons and the letter decoder will appear. You use it on the bank computer puzzle.

Phil's Market Egg Puzzle:
Number the tray at the top, left to right 1 to 7. Upper left to Lower left A to G and jump the eggs this way:

1A-1D, 1D-2D, 2D-7D, 7D-7B, 7B-1B, 1B-3B, 3B-6B, 6B-6E, 6E-6G, 6G-3G, 3G-3D, 3D-3A, 3A-5A, 5A-5E, 5E-2E, 2E-7E, 7E-7G.

Here's another way of doing the egg puzzle:

If you look at the little dots on the spaces, those are the number of moves you can make when you click on a space. Like if there are two dots, your next click will only move you two spaces over. So, here is a solution.

Space 1, click straight down as far as you can move it. Click right, click right again as far as it will go, click up, click all the way left, click right, click right again, click straight down as far as it will go, click down again, click left, click up, click up again, click right, click down as far as it will go, click left, click right (you should be one space above the end now), click down. That's it. Below is a rough sketch of the moves.






Bakery Doughnuts:
Number the doughnuts from left to right 1-10.

Move #4 to #1, Move #6 to #9, Move #8 to #3, Move #2 to #5, Move #10 to #7.

Safari S &L Bank Door:
You can find the solution in one of the videos. It's 11, 12, 13. You have to click three numbers that add up to 11 (8,1,2), now click three numbers that add up to 12 (7,5,0), and click three numbers that add up to 13 (6,4,3). That's it.

Safari S &L Wall Safe:
Look around the bank at the pictures of zebras, and such. Note how many there are. The safe is behind the desk on a wall, click the newspaper clipping to get to it. Now, here's the solution from top to bottom: 1 tiger, 5 hyenas, 4 elephants, 3 impalas, 5 zebras. Now click the handle to open the safe.

Safari S & L Vault:
You need the decoder from Burt's trailer for this one. Once you have it, look at the vault door and notice the number and letter. Now, go to the wall safe and place the decoder in it on the page number that's on the vault door. Click the zebra on the decoder to turn it to the direction that's on the vault door, like S for south or N for north. The three numbers you are given are the combination. Read them top to bottom. The same with the letters. If you are given LLR, just click Left, Left, Right. This safe doesn't require passing a number or anything. Just click directly to your numbers. If you have trouble with this, enter and exit the bank until you get a N or S number, then repeat the above steps for reading the combination. You can also try the three numbers in different ways, such as, LRL, RLR, RRL. Those three numbers are all you need, so just keep at it with those.

S &L Picture Puzzle:
Number the tiles from top to bottom, 1 through 6. U and D represent 'Up' and 'Down'. L and R represent 'Left' and 'Right'. Here's how to move the pieces:

5RU, 6URD, 5D, 4DD, 3DD, 1R, 2DDRUU, 3UUU, 4UUURD, 3DR

Here's the strategy. You want to flip the picture tiles over so you have the same picture but with different colors. You get a Hammer when you're done. Use it to smash the kachina on the desk.

S & L Computer:
The floppy disk is in the Cafe under the menus. Watch the video that says Spell It Out. The user name is LYLE, the password is: AIVILO. You get a bunch of letters. Use the decoder from the soda machine at Phil's Market. It spells something like DAY OF HER ACCIDENT REPORT. That's the clue for Max's cave stick puzzle.

S & L Trash Can Letter:
This one you just have to look at the pieces and fit them. It's annoying but you can do it. If you're really stuck, use the solve feature or try this gif of the solution.

S & L Trash Can Letter

Church Bingo Puzzle:
I haven't tested this solution yet, so don't hold me to it. Click the balls this way:

6, 3, 8, 6, 3, 7, 5, 3, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1, 4, 6, 7

Here's one that has been tested:

6, 3, 8, 6, 5, 7, 3, 5, 7, 2, 1, 4, 6, 7

Church Donation Box:
The key for it is under the car at the Garage. The solution to the Library door puzzle is in this box.

Library Door:
The pieces to the library door can be found in: Lobby drawer, Market cash register, Church drawer, Bank safe.

Once you have all the pieces to the door, the bottom lock solution from the church donation box can be used. However, I was able to open the door without it. Here is the solution: Press the top left button, don't press the top right button, don't press the button under the top right button, press the next four buttons clockwise, leave the last button that's under the top left unpressed. That should open the door.

Barbershop Spider Puzzle:
An asterick* indicates when a switch is stepped on.

F, R, L, R, F, L, F, R, L, *R, R, R, R, L, L, F, R, F, F, R, R, R, L, F, R, *L, L, F, F, L, F, *F, L, L, L, R, L, F

This one is alittle hard to explain so bare with me. Blue bridges trigger red bridges. Yellow triggers blue. Red triggers yellow. A blue bridge starts and ends the puzzle. You have to get the green button first, then the red button, then the blue button, and then go straight to the yellow button. So, go left first to the green button, then come back and go up, before you come to the blue button, to the red button. Then you have to get the blue button, which is alittle tricky because you have to trigger different bridges. Once you have the blue one, just go straight up to the yellow.

Sheriff's Office Cards:
There is no set solution for this one, just strategy. On a piece of paper, number the cards like this:




Now draw a blank grid of nine space on the paper. Watch how the cards are switched and write them down on the paper. It also helps if you number the cards 1 to 9 from left to right, top to botton on the grid. If this really doesn't work for you and you are really stuck, get a real deck of cards, and lay them in front of the game and try and switch them yourself.

Jail Cell Door:
You need the book from the locked desk drawer for this one. The key is in the next room in the horns of the animal head. Once you have the book, look at the page number on the cell door lock. Now turn to that page of the book and look at the combination of symbols on it. Turn the pieces that way on the door and it should open.

Max's Cave Door Sticks:
This one is easy. You want to do the date of Norah's death backwards. 8/22/1992, but backwards. So turn your sticks like this: First tile is 2, second and third are 9, fourth tile is 1, fifth and sixth tiles are 2, and the seventh is 8.

Gas Station:
You won't be able to raise the car till you do the chess puzzle.

Gas Station Chess Puzzle:
You can find the clue to this puzzle in the warehouse in a notebook. Label the board the way it's done in the notebook, A-H from left to right, and 1 to 8 from bottom to top. When you get your chess pieces, look at the bottom of the pieces, their positions are on marked on them. So this puzzle is easy, you just have to find the pieces. You can find them: Library drawer, Jail Cell table, Pearl's bedroom in the bird's mouth, Motel room next to yours in a drawer.

You must watch the video with the license plate in it for the clue to raise the car. You have to set the pressure to 230. Since it's not marked on there, you have to click past it and go back till you're where it should be. Then turn around and click the handle to the right to raise the car. As soon as the handle depresses to the right, the car is raised. Look under it for the key to the donation box in the book.

Mine Enterance:
After you've done the chess puzzle, you can open the desk drawer with the screwdriver. Take the gas can and fill it with gas. Take the full can to the Mine.

Mine Directions for Torch and Back Kiva Door:
You need the torch for the bees in Burt's trailer. It's in the mine. Go down in the elevator. Forward once, left (towards the dark area), left, down, left and forward, forward and right to (S)south tunnel, forward, right to (W)west tunnel, forward again to (W)west tunnel, go forward you should see the torch on the ground, turn all the way around and you should see the ladder to the back kiva door puzzle. The ladder is next to the (E) tunnel. You won't be able to do the picture puzzle up the ladder until the skull at the front kiva door is broken and Nora gives you the combination for this puzzle. You can find which picture is what by looking at a book in the Library that has Symbols and Masks in it.

Burt's Trailer/Cafe Candle:
The matches are behind the picture of Nora in Burt's trailer. Light the candle and take the piece of paper from the kachina in the diner and hold it over the lit candle. Use the other match to light the torch and use it to open the wardrobe in the trailer and ward off the bees. This puzzle is easy. Just turn the blocks over, but get them so that there is no block in the middle. I don't have a set solution for it. If I get one, I'll post it.

Final Crystal/Light Puzzle:
I don't have a set solution to post here, but here's the strategy and the gif. Sorry about the mouse cursor in the gif, but you can still see where the light has to go. Start at the bottom left, work your way straight up, now straight across all the way to the right, straight down, now straight left into the crystal thing :) There are Four endings to this game: The Max ending, The Nora ending, The Evil Spirit ending, and The "Correct" ending. Don't forget to try them all.

Crystal Light Puzzle

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