Quest for Glory IV Skill List

NOTE: Each skill can be increased to a maximum of 400 in QFG4.


Strength raises when you fight, work out, or lose stamina. Use the stair-stepper machine in the Adventurers' Guild to get 10 points every day for a total of 50. A good place to gain strength is to climb the trees one screen south and west of the town gate. This drains your stamina and increases strength. For a more effective way, climb until you're low on health. Strength also goes up as you practice Weapon Use (see below).


Intelligence goes up slightly as you complete the puzzle sequences in the game. Turn the difficulty setting all the way up during the puzzles to get the maximum effect. Intelligence is reserved mostly for the Wizard, but any character can max out Intelligence. Intelligence goes up fastest as you cast spells. Practice Magic Use in combat (below). Intelligence will go up slowly as you practice Weapon Use and Dodge, but it will go up quicker practicing Parry. Intelligence should be one of the last things to worry about for non-magic users, and I would recommend raising it by Parrying, after maxing out other skills.


Agility will increase fastest as you practice Dodge, but will also go up quickly practicing Weapon Use. By the time these two are maxed out, Agility should be maxed out or fairly close. Parrying also increases agility, but not quite as quickly.


Vitality raises as you use stamina and health from exercising yourself. If you have Climbing, practice climbing the trees 1 south and 1 west of the town gates, until you are low on health. If you don't have climbing, go to the Adventurer's Guild and click the hand on the case with the sword. Highlight "Open Case" and continuously select it (put weight over enter). Your stamina and health will wear down quickly and raise your vitality. A fighter will eventually open the case, but he has climbing. Vitality also raises slightly when you sleep, about 2 points every other night.


Luck is probably the hardest skill to raise. Luck goes up slowly when you practice Magic, Dodge, and Parry. Magic is the fastest way. Practice Magic in combat (see below) and Luck will rise. The second fastest way is by Parrying (see about psycho-parrying). Luck also goes up with Vitality; as you use stamina. Climbing the trees 1 south, 1 west of town gate will also slowly increase your Luck.


Magic goes up as you practice spells. Practice your combat spells, Flame Dart, Force Bolt, Lightning Ball, and Frostbite in combat with a Vorpal Bunny. use x, c, v, and b on the keyboard for these spells. Hit the buttons rapidly, so hero does NOT cast the spell. He will raise his hand, but won't fire. Even though you do not use any mana, Magic will still go up, along with Intelligence and spell skill for each spell. Recast spells quickly by double-clicking on the magic icon at the top of the screen.

Magic Spells

Raise Flame Dart, Force Bolt, Lightning Ball, and Frostbite by hitting the x, c, v, and b keys on the keyboard in combat. Raise Zap, by casting it ONCE in combat then killing your opponent; you should get about 10 points every time. Practice most spells in an area that won't let you cast them. For example, cast Glide in the Staff Room in town. Even though it doesn't let you cast it, you will still use mana and gain in spell skill, but you won't have to watch the animations for the spell every time. Practice spells with a crosshair in the Staff Room too, but with these you can just hold down the enter key. Don't worry about having to scroll down to recast a spell if it is at the bottom of the spells list. Just double-click on the magic icon at the top of the screen and you will recast the last spell you cast. Raise Resistance by casting Summon Staff, then casting Resistance once. Walk a little on screen so your staff goes away. Now double-click on the magic icon to recast Resistance without the staff. You will use 10 mana points every time, and Resistance will go up as you recast it. Raise Ritual of Release by clicking on the spell to get the crosshair, but keep selecting the spell from the spell window. You will use mana and skill will go up. Get a mana fruit every day, and once you spend your mana, rest the whole day to get most of it back.


Communication rises every time you say something without a closeup of the person's face, such as when you greet or say goodbye. To raise it quickly, just go up to someone such as Igor, turn the audio off on the CD version to speed things up, click talk on yourself and greet Igor. Hold a weight over the enter key and Communication should go up quickly.

Weapon Use

Weapon Use goes up by attacking with your weapon in combat. You DON'T have to strike your target, so to raise it quickly, get into combat with a Vorpal Bunny push him back, and back up so you won't hit him. Use the keyboard by holding left-shift and right on the directional pad (the small one). The hero will keep attacking, and you don't have to keep right-clicking. Put tape over the left-shift and right keys to hold them down, and let it go for a while. Along with Weapon Use, this brings up Strength, Agility, and Intelligence.


Parry doesn't go up if you just hold in the button. You have to keep Parrying. So, to Psycho Parry, Hit both down arrows on the keyboard and right and left-click on yourself in combat with a Vorpal Bunny. If you time it right, your hero will repeatedly Parry at lightning speed. Use this technique also to help Intelligence and Luck. You can also parry high with left-shift and left.


Dodge will go up with either ducking or jumping, but it won't go up if you hold down duck. If you hold up, the hero will keep jumping and Dodge will go up. With a fast computer, stamina will refill quickly, and just enough between jumps that you won't lose any health. Do the Vorpal Bunny thing, and put tape or a weight over the up key and let it go for a while. This will also raise Agility, Luck, and Intelligence.


Stealth will go up slightly if you sneak everywhere you go, but it stops going up after a certain point. To make it go up, click on sneak, then click on walk so you alternate between sneak and walk. Keep repeating this over and over and check your stats often. It seems to go up faster if you check your stats every so often. Your stamina should drop about 1 point every time you select sneak.

Pick Locks

Pick Locks can be raised easily two ways. The easiest way is in the Thieves' Guild. Uncover one of the safes behind the pictures on the right wall, click hand on them and select crack safe. You won't use any stamina, and it will go up really fast. It only raises Pick Locks, though. The other place is Nikolai's front door. Since it is at night and you're going to get your health and stamina back after you sleep anyway, repeatedly pick the lock to this door until you are low on health and almost dead. This is a slower way of doing it, but it helps Luck, Vitality, and Intelligence go up along with it.


Throwing goes up by throwing rocks or daggers. Get as many daggers as you want from the desk in the Thieves' Guild. Get three daggers, leave the room, go back, and get another three daggers. Believe it or not, this is not a bug, because of the message you get. Pick up about a hundred rocks off the ground or throw your daggers until your health gets low. If you have a fast computer, you can always get more stamina as it refills quickly in combat. You can also throw daggers in combat with the thief by right-clicking on any part of the grey bar that doesn't have a function. You will throw daggers, but won't have to pick them up or use stamina, but you can only throw as many daggers as you have.


Climbing is fairly easy to raise. Fighters and Paladins get the Climbing skill after they read the book on Climbing in the Adventurers' Guild. Once you get the grappling hook in the Adventurers' Guild, you can throw it up to the hook on the ceiling and practice climbing on that. The quickest way is to try climbing the trees 1 screen south and 1 screen west of the town gates. Practice here until you're low on stamina, or both health and stamina, and regain stamina by going into combat.


Acrobatics can be practiced in the forest or in combat. The Thief can launch an Acrobatics attack in combat by left-clicking to duck, then drag the cursor over the enemy while holding down the button. Release the button and the hero will spin and fly into the enemy and back. This raises Acrobatics, but it kills the enemy too quickly. You can practice in the forest by using the jump icon from the actions bar, but stamina is used every time you jump. A good place to practice Acrobatics is at the screen with the Bonsai Bush trapped in the goo. Use the rope and grapnel on the close ledge to get back to the top. Here you can jump over the crevice right above your character, and it doesn't use any stamina, and goes up quickly. Cheat: If you re-import your character back into QfG4, put all 100 points into Acrobatics. Hit cancel, go to import again, and the points you assigned to Acrobatics will still be there, and you will get another 100 points to distribute. Do this as much as you like, but I heard the game crashes if you have too much.


Honor will go up slightly as you complete honorable quests throughout Mordavia, and it also goes up slowly as you kill enemies. An easy way to do it is to go to the Rusalka. Bring two bouquets of flowers. You will give the first one to her and she will become your friend, but when you try to give her another, she says thank you and takes it but you still have the flowers. Put the flower cursor over her, and hold down the enter key to repeatedly give flowers. This causes your Honor to soar. The Paladin gains abilities as his Honor increases, so this will give them all to him.


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