Quest for Glory III Skill List

Each skill can be increased to a maximum of 300 in QFG3.


Strength goes up as you fight and practice Weapon Use, but it also goes up quickly as you practice Throwing. Concentrate on maxing out Weapon Use first, then build up the rest by practicing your Throwing skill by throwing rocks. Another place to practice Strength is at the Wrestling Bridge in the Simbani Village. Click hand icon on the middle of the bridge, and you will cross under it hand over hand, raising Strength as you go.


Intelligence will go up fastest as you practice magic, but it also goes up when you practice Parry and Dodge (see below). Look for Yesefu at the cage screen in the Simbani Village and play Awari with him. A Fighter who wants to become a Paladin must make friends with him anyway, and you do this after a few games with him by clicking talk on the black part of the screen. When you play Awari it raises Intelligence but does so slowly. Practice Parry and Dodge even if they're already maxed out to raise Intelligence.


Agility will go up when quickly when you practice Parry and Dodge (see below). It will go up practicing on the wrestling bridge in the Simbani Village, but slowly. Practice Parry and Dodge and it shouldn't take long to max out.


Vitality goes up as you lose health and stamina, and does go up a little when you sleep. The best way to raise Vitality is by using up your stamina practicing Weapon Use, Parry, or Dodge in combat. Drink some Peace Water to regain your stamina and use it up again.


Luck is probably the hardest skill to raise. Concentrate on maxing out all the other skills, then max out Luck by practicing Parry and Dodge (see below). It goes up as you practice magic, so if you are a magic-user, practice your spells first.


Magic will raise as you practice your spells. Practice your spells in the jungle near the base of the Giant Tree. Every time you go to the top, your health, stamina, and mana will be refilled. When you run out of mana, run up to the top of the tree to refill it and come back down to practice your spells. The top of the tree is also a safe place to sleep.

Magic Spells

Raise spells with a crosshair such as Force Bolt and Flame Dart by holding down enter. Raise Levitate by casting it and going immediately back to the ground; Levitate uses mana if you stay in the air. Raise Summon Staff by casting it then walking a short distance so it goes away, then cast it again. Open can be practiced on the chest at the Inn in Tarna, but this lowers Honor. It can also be practiced on the chest at your hut in the Simbani Village, but the best place to practice it is on the ground in the jungle. You can't practice it out in the savannah, but it works in the jungle. Learn Lightning Ball from Johari in the jungle, and as soon as you get it, go back out to the savannah so she doesn't meet up with you and take you to the Leopardman Village, and you can practice it.


Paladin is a new skill that was put into QG3 and is reserved for Paladins. However, since it tied in so closely with Honor, it was left out of QG4. You don't need to worry about raising, since it goes up when you raise Honor, so see the tips for improving Honor. It was put in because they wanted to show when you would be gaining the 4 Paladin skills. Paladin will only go up to 100.

Weapon Use

Weapon Use goes up by attacking in combat. It will go up if you repeatedly hit the attack buttons, but will go up really fast by holding down one of the attack buttons on the keypad. 7 and 9 are your attacks, and as you hold one of them down, your stamina will drop quickly, but your Weapon Use and Strength go up rapidly. The enemy will lose health very slowly, and if you stop attacking, its health will drain out, so you don't have to worry about it dying on you. When you're low on stamina, run away and drink some Peace Water, enter combat and do it again. Since it uses up stamina, this will also increase Vitality.


Parry, like Weapon Use, goes up rapidly if you hold down the button on the keypad 3 for Parry in combat. Hold down the button until you're low on stamina, run away and drink some Peace Water, then go back into combat. This also raises Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, and Luck.


Dodge, like Parry and Weapon Use will increase quickly by holding down the button on the keypad 1 for dodge. Once again, hold down the button until you're low on stamina (or even health for a greater effect), then run away and drink some Peace Water, and repeat. Also raises Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, and Luck.


Stealth goes up very slowly if you sneak everywhere you go. Raise Stealth a little at the beginning of the game by stealing money from the drummer (a Fighter can't become a Paladin if he does this). A quicker way to raise it is by repeatedly selecting stealth from the actions bar then selecting walk again. Keep doing this and Stealth should rise. Walk around the savannah until you find a monster and when it starts to chase you, select sneak, start walking to the left or right, and set the speed setting so that you sneak just a little bit faster than the monster runs. Let it go for a while and Stealth will go up very slowly, but it gets there after a while.

Pick Locks

Pick Locks can't be practiced in QG3 because of the lack of break-in houses. There are two places, however, in the Laibon's Hut and the Leopardman Leader's Hut, that you can pick the lock on the chests while they are sleeping. You can practice Pick Locks here until you open the chests, but after that the only other place is the door in the Lost City Hall at the end of the game. Once you open the chests, they're open for good. If you plan on importing into QG4, there is an easy place to practice this skill (see QG4).


Throwing can be raised by throwing daggers, rocks, or spears at the Simbani Village target range. It's good to get used to throwing spears, but the quickest way to gain in skill is by throwing rocks. You can pick up a lot of rocks and throw them out on the savannah or in the jungle by holding down enter. This will raise Strength as well.


Like Pick Locks, there is no real place to practice Climbing. There are two places in the game where climbing is used. One is to climb the tree to the Monkey Village after Manu shows you where it is. If you don't have enough Climbing skill, you will be forced to practice it here until you can make it up the tree. You can't leave this screen, and once you're up the tree, the game progresses and you can't climb it again. The other place is to climb the wall up to the statue in the Lost City to get the Anibus eye. You can climb up and down here to practice a little, but since you can't leave the Lost City, there is no place to sleep and your character would eventually die, plus you need your strength to get through the game's end. In QG4, Climbing is easy to practice so you shouldn't have to worry about raising this skill anyway.

Comm. (Communication)

Communication goes up when you click talk on yourself on say something, such as greet or goodbye, or when you bargain at the Bazaar in Tarna. You can max Communication, Honor, and Paladin all at the same time (see Honor). Be sure to talk to everyone about everything.


Honor will go up when you give money to the drummer at the south-end of the Bazaar. Just make sure you click the purse on the bowl and not your hand if you have Stealth. This is a quick place in the beginning of the game to raise it a bit. If you're a Paladin, you can get about two Paladin abilities by repeatedly giving money here. You can also gain Honor by helping Harami, the thief who you meet in the Bazaar at night after his arrest. You can give him some food to raise Honor, but if you give him money, he won't take it but you still increase in Honor. This can be repeated until you've maxed out Honor. You can raise Honor, Communication, and Paladin in the Laibon's Hut. After your first meeting with him in the Simbani Village with Rakeesh and Uhura, the Laibon won't let you back into his hut until about three days later. Don't go to the cage screen when the Leopardman is caught there. When you get back into the Laibon's hut, you will be given the same list of topics to tell about when you click talk on your character as you had at your first meeting. "Tell About Peace"; this raises the three skills. Place the talk cursor so it gets the top of the character's head and "Tell About Peace" when you hold in enter. Hold enter in, or put a weight over it and the three skills will raise rapidly.

A couple quick tips/cheats:

  • Get Water From the Pool of Peace
    Water from the Pool of Peace completely refills your stamina, like a Vigor Pill. There are no Vigor Pills in this game, and the water is free, so this will save you a lot of time when practicing your skills. Get about 10-20 waterskins from the leather merchant in Tarna and fill them all with Peace Water.
  • Dirt Cheap Meat
    The meat seller at the southern end of the Bazaar in Tarna is desperate to sell his meat, so he can be bargained down to 1 common per meat! With this, you can buy about 100 pieces of meat at the beginning of the game and not have to worry about rations for the rest of the game.
  • The Giant Tree is the Place to Be
    The top of the Giant Tree in the Leopardman Village Jungle map is a safe place to spend the night, and what's better, it refills your health, stamina, and mana every time you go there. This is very useful when practicing your magic, or when fighting in the jungle.
  • The Safe Spot
    A bug in the game allows you to hide in a safe spot while in combat where the enemy can't hit you. While in combat, press 4 on the keypad once, and your character will move into a parrying motion. Here the enemy can't hit you and you can wait for your stamina to refill. This is useful against your double at the end of the game, even though you can't beat him, but just so you don't die from over-exhaustion.
  • Importing Tips
    If you import your character into QG3 from QG2, make sure you bought a lot of Healing and Mana Pills in QG2. You don't need a lot of Poison Cure, so buy more Healing and Mana instead, because these will help you raise skills faster. When you import into QG3, you get to choose which character class you want, even Paladin. Use everything you have in your inventory to your advantage in QG3 because you lose all your possessions from QG3 to QG4.


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