Leisure Suit Larry's Casino Extras

Tips and Cheats

There is a -startroom=xxx command line option. This will start the game in any specific room in the game, unfortunately it uses numbers to identify the room. For example if your command line to run LSL Casino is c:\sierra\lcasino\lcasino.exe then changing it to c:\sierra\lcasino\lcasino.exe -startroom=20000 will start the game at the WON.net login screen. If you have Windows95 or 98, right click on the LSL Casino desktop icon and select properties. Change the command line to include the option you wish by adding a space, then -startroom=, then the corresponding number.

Open lcasino.ini to: Edit your offline bankroll. Just change the numeric value following the "money=" key. If you add "Showmovie=false", you will skip the intro movie. To have a message automatically sent to everyone when you enter a room, add "roomentermessage=X" where "X" is the message.

If you go into your LSL casino folder, and then into the patches there are a bunch of .me files. Viewed with Notepad you can change them. If you go into 370.me, and scroll down you will see a bunch of prices, $1, $5, etc. you can change them to whatever you want, and that's what that item will cost you. In file 380.me, you can change the room prices.


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