Leisure Suit Larry 7 Dildo Locations

  • Cabin behind cot.
  • Lounge behind barrels.
  • Back deck by thin topiary.
  • By beaver topiary.
  • By topiary sheep.
  • By sausages in kitchen.
  • In salad in dining room.
  • With mystery meat in dining room.
  • Atrium behind right column.
  • Framing the library door.
  • In library by grandfather clock.
  • Atrium between two left columns.
  • Sculpture garden by David's foot.
  • Casino sitting at a card table.
  • By chair in break room.
  • Bowling area behind hippo.
  • At horseshoes by far away horseshoe spike.
  • Sexual prowess competition in right booth.
  • At best dressed competition by console.
  • Pool entrance behind plant.
  • At Johnson's bar behind counter.
  • In Jugg's dressing room behind hay.
  • At Vicky's by bananas.
  • Your cabin behind toilet.
  • Your cabin under pipes.
  • In forward hold by suitcases on the left.
  • Pool entrance behind other plant.
  • Ballroom peeking out from curtain.
  • Ballroom near base of sculpture.
  • Bridge, thru door, by beer cans.
  • Ballroom by front table.
  • About screen.


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