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Mystery House's original requirements:

Apple ][


Looking for treasures, you are locked with a group of people in an old mansion. After discovering the bodies of your fellow treasure-hunters, you quickly find out that the most valuable treasure is your life. Find the killer before the killer finds you.

This is the game that started it all. The first graphical adventure game, the first game from what was to become Sierra, then known as On-Line Systems. The game was first sold in a baggy out of the home of Ken and Roberta Williams.

The game the game had screens drawn by Roberta and a text-based interface, proved to be a financial success, selling more than 10,000 copies (priced at $24.95), setting a new record for computer games.

Mystery House was released into the public domain (freeware) in 1987 to celebrate Sierra's 7th anniversary. A copy can be found here zipped with an Apple][ emulator.

ZIP AppleWin Emulator with Mystery House (Apple][) [668 KB]

The game should play in AppleWin with no issues.


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