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Goblin's Quest's original requirements:

MS-DOS 5.0 or greater
386/16 or better
16.5 MB Hard drive space
Soundcard with DAC, CD Audio


Game Specific Bugs

In addition to compatibility problems on modern Windows, Woodruff is a 16 bit program. As such it will not run on 64 bit versions of Windows. Now that this game is supported by ScummVM, all of these issues have been fixed. It will also allow the game to run on other platforms, such as Linux or Mac OSX.

Note: The following is now dated information. The Gobliiins games can now be played with ScummVM and is by far the prefered way.

Problem - Cut scene Lockups:
The problem with the Coktel Vision CD games is that the audio is on a Redbook CD audio track and the timing at several point in the games is based on this track. XP's emulation of the old DOS driver (MSCDEX) is imperfect, so the games can lock up.

Solution #1 (preferred):
The current CVS of DOSBox can now handle the Coktel Vision CD games and these solutions are no longer necessary. By playing your game in DOSBox, you can avoid this problem.

Solution #2:
Use VDMSound. Goblin's Quest works with VDMSound if you use SAPUCDEX instead of selecting "Enable low-level CD-ROM support" in Lanchpad.

  1. Right click on the VDMS shortcut VLP (.vlp) to the game.
  2. Click the "Advanced..." button.


  1. Go to the "DOS Environment" tab.
  2. In the "AUTOEXEC.BAT" section, be sure that the "Additional options:" box is checked and add SAPUCDEX in the box below it.



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