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Many years ago, in 1968, before the modern computer age there was a text-only  game called "Colossal Cave", sometimes known as "Adventure". This is the adventure that inspired the start of Sierra. It was written by caving enthusiasts so the types of rooms they describe - the slab rooms, cave ins and so on - are all from their real experience. This game was a classic of it's time! In 1987 Adventure was ported to the PC over a weekend (using the original PDP-11/VAX Fortran sources). The game is a text adventure -- you read a description of your location, items present etc, and type in commands to move around and interact with your environment. Being a PC port, it will run under DOS, or a DOS box under Windows. This freeware game can be downloaded here:

Adventure (Colossal Cave) with DOSBox Installer

To see the role that Adventure played in the start of Sierra, see the Introduction to the Roberta Williams Anthology. A walkthrough can be found here:

Adventure (Colossal Cave) Walkthrough

ZIP only

Speed problems

The "help" outputs from these programs now scroll too fast on modern PCs to stop them with "Control+S". This can also be avoided by playing the game in DOSBox.


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