Aces Over Europe Help

Aces Over Europe's original requirements:

MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows 3.1 or greater
486 or better
475 KB to 7.17 MB Hard drive space
SoundBlaster, MT32, Pro Audio & 100% compatible
Joystick or Mouse


Installation Problems

Like many of the later Sierra/Dynamix games, Aces Over Europe has installation problems with the installer not fuctioning with faster PCs or under Windows XP. The game will install in Windows XP without trouble if you just avoid a couple of things.

Problem - Windows Setup Hangs:
On Windows XP, the setup music can be heard, but the setup window is nowhere to be seen. _mstest.exe

This only appies with the Windows installer, SETUP.EXE. Setup will evenually finish. The game has no issues with the DOS installer, INSTALL.BAT.

Problem - Setup Will not Run After Installation:
After the Windows install, the game needs to be configured for the PC's hardware with WININST.EXE. This file will not run in XP.

Install the DOS version (INSTALL.BAT) of the game in DOSBox. There are no issues with the DOS installer.

Audio Problems

Audio problems are common in the later Sierra/Dynamix games. There's no single fix for all these games.

Problem - Poor Quality / No Sound (Win9x and XP):
The game has no sound or the music is of poor quality.

Solution 1 (preferred):
Play the game in DOSBox. It also will work with the MT-32 sound module, if you are fortunate to have one.

Solution 2:
Use VDMSound. The game work well with VDMSound. The sound will be as good as your audio hardware, and as with DOSBox, it works with the MT-32 sound module.

Solution 3 (DOS/Win9x):
Install DOS drivers for your soundcard. Without DOS drivers installed you won't have sound in a DOS window in Windows 9x. If you can't find DOS drivers for your soundcard, there is an alpha (developmental) version of VDMS that you can try.

Game Specific Bugs

There are a couple of bugs that Aces Over Europe has that are not speed dependent.

Problem - Windows Game Will Not Run in XP:
After installing the Windows version of the game, the Intro screen will load, but as soon as the "Play Game" button is pressed, the game goes to a black full screen and then quits.

Install the DOS version (INSTALL.BAT) of the game in DOSBox.

Problem - Not Enough EMS Memory:
When loading the game an error message announces that there is not enough conventional or EMS memory. Modern motherboards have builtin devices that use memory in the EMS range. This is not an issue with modern Operating Systems, but leave little for old DOS games. See this page for more information.

Solution #1 (preferred):
Play using DOSBox. Even the Windows version can be played in DOSBox if you install Windows 3x in it, first.

Solution #2:
Devices can be disabled in the BIOS to free up EMS memory. WARNING: Do not enter the BIOS of your computer unless you know what you are doing. By changing some settings may end up with an un-bootable computer.

Problem - The Game Locksup:

Apply this patch, which fixes lockups and errors on some Packard Bell and Acer systems.

Problem - Problems With Controlling Joystick:

Apply this patch, which has new joystick drivers that help joystick control on faster systems.


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