Aces of the Deep CD & XP

(condensed from a thread on VOGONS)

Try setting compatibility mode to all Windows executables within the game's folders to "Windows 9", "256-color" mode. Also, disable "visual themes".

If the game's main executable, AODCD.EXE crashes with this error:

"Assert::err: line 522 in "..\sim\win_snd.cpp": Unable to initialize Sound/FX

...then you will have to disable audio to get it to work. In the game's shortcut's "Target" box add " -s" after the game executable:


This will disable the audio, which is AotD's biggest problem. The messed up color palette problem is fixed by using compatibility mode's 256-color option.

Setting all Windows executables in the game directory to compatibilty mode settings and running it with -s for no sound on the command line (with or without patch 1.2) does not help. A DOS window appears and it keeps running with endless GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT messages.

Actually, AoD was not a very stable or cooperative game even on older machines with it's original OS, you used have to save a lot because it crashed often. BTW,

Some people have been able to make AOD run under WinXP. There is a Windows version AND a DOS version. When running AOD in Windows 9x, according to MICROSOFT:

"Aces of the Deep by Dynamix (Sierra Online)
Executables: AOD.BAT, AO*D.EXE

"If you run Aces of the Deep in Windows 95, it encounters internal assertion failures. Run it in MS-DOS mode to resolve these errors."

Which means the Windows version probably won't work under XP, so try the DOS version in DOSBox.

Even the Windows 95 re-issue (Command Aces of the Deep) was a bit of a dog and you may not be able to get it running with any kind of sound. CAOD has problems of its own on any machine (mainly the sound cutting out.) Also, forget about trying the voice-recognition feature. There have been few reports of CAOD running under XP.

Unable to make Aces of the Deep run under WinXP on a computer with a Creative Sound Blaster Live card:
It will not run on Win98SE or DOS 7 (Win98SE) even with a Sierra boot disk (gives an error message "Not enough memory.") It will not run even if you run it without sound, using the soundset.exe tool (from the game) to No sound card AND try to call aodcd.exe with -S. (Note: the -S parameter is only for the SVGA remake.) Aces of the Deep has a known, incurable incompatibility with SB Live. Even if you do get it running, you'll never get sound. you are already discovering:

Some interesting posts, but lot's of inaccurate info there.


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