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Keyboard Commands

Pharaoh Manual Updates

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Keyboard Commands

These are taken from page 28 in the manual. The Keyboard Commands haven't changed much since Caesar III.

Orders the selected warship to attack all enemies
Shows "Risks: Crime" Overlay, or orders the selected Charioteer company to charge
Shows "Risks: Damage" Overlay
Orders a selected transport to evade all enemies
Shows "Risks: Fire" Overlay, or orders a selected company to return to their fort
Orders a selected ship to hold its position
Centers the view on a different military unit each time it is pressed, or if a company is already selected puts them in the Loose Formation
When you select a monument to build, its image attaches to the cursor and shows you how much land the monument will occupy. Pressing "M" freezes the monument's footprint to that location so you can look around to see how it will fit. Press "M" again to resume normally, or click to build the monument there, OR when a military company is selected issues the "mop up" command
Orders a selected company or warship to attack any enemy
Pauses the game, you can't build while paused
When building a Gatehouse, Temple Complex, or Statue rotates the structure (to help them fit), OR if a military company is selected, rotates the company, OR orders a ship to return to the shipwright for repairs
Shows the "Risks: Problems" Overlay, OR if a military company is selected issues the hold ground in tight formation command
Shows the Water Overlay, OR orders the selected ship back to its wharf

Game Commands

SPACE -- Toggles between your last selected Overlay and the Normal View
ESC -- Exits the game
[ -- Reduces game speed by 10%
] -- Increases game speed by 10%
F7 -- Set to 640x480 resolution
F8 -- Set to 800x600 resolution
F9 -- Set to 1024x768 resolution


' -- Overseer of workers
1 -- Overseer of the Military
2 -- Political Overseer
3 -- Ratings Overseer
4 -- Overseer of Commerce
5 -- Overseer of the Granaries
6 -- Overseer of Public Health
7 -- Overseer of Learning
8 -- Overseer of Diversions (Entertainment)
9 -- Overseer of the Temples
0   Overseer of the Treasury
-   Chief Overseer
=   Overseer of the Monuments

Pharaoh Manual Updates

In some missions, particularly the early ones, new structures are introduced as the mission unfolds. When something new is available, the Control Panel button that accesses it will flash on and off.

Pharaoh has limits on how many buildings, walkers and point-to-point walker routes it can handle. These limits are quite high, and you should never encounter them in the missions that we included with the game. Some of Pharaoh's "Custom Missions," though, let you build much larger cities, and you might reach one of these memory limits if you build a city of 35,000 or more people. If you do see this message, your only recourse is to resculpt your city for greater efficiency. Populations in excess of 50,000 are possible if you build very efficiently.

The boundary between the flood plain and dry land is steep, slippery and treacherous. No one can move to or from the flood plain unless at least a small stretch of road spans this embankment. You're most likely to notice this if troops disembark onto a flood plain, or if you notice hunters and gatherers skirting the boundary.

The Help item on the game's menu bar lets you turn "Popup Messages" OFF. This means that all game messages go directly to your Message box, except for a few that require you to make an immediate choice (like whether or not to accept a gift). While turning off the popups does almost entirely eliminate interruptions in your game, it also puts you at considerable risk of missing important notices. Use this option with extreme caution!

The Message button on the Control Panel blinks when a new, unread message arrives. It stops flashing when you click on the Message button.

We added a button to the bottom of the Message box that deletes all opened messages, except those tutorial messages that are marked with a blue scroll. You can delete unopened or blue-scroll messages by right-clicking on them.

Monuments have a "staging area" represented by some wooden planks on one side of the monument. Don't block access to these planks while construction is underway! Work will stop if workers can't reach the staging area. If you don't see progress being made, right-click on the monument to find out why. If the construction foreman reports that access is blocked, he's referring to this staging area.

Masons and bricklayers work in pairs on pyramids and mastabas. One sledge load of stone or bricks occupies two stonemasons or bricklayers, and fills in two sections of the pyramid or mastaba.

The "Trader's Guide to Pharaoh's Egypt" shows that plain stone, limestone and bricks are needed for the brick core pyramid. Plain stone is NOT required for this pyramid; only limestone and bricks are needed.

When a transport ship is selected, pressing the "K" key orders troops to embark or disembark.

Downloadable Expansion Pack Information

With most PC games, small patches or small additional things can be downloaded to enhance gameplay performance. Well, Impressions knew this and they decided to make a downloadable expansion pack. To be perfectly honest, it's one of the best I've seen in a while. Below are more details on what is included in this wonderful download. Also, I suggest downloading it!


Download PharaohEP11to12.exe to your computer. Run PharaohEP11to12.exe and follow the instructions given on screen.

This upgrade requires Pharaoh Version 1.1. To confirm that you have Pharaoh Version 1.1, select "Help: About:" on the File Menu while playing Pharaoh. Near the top of the "About" panel it will say "Version 1.1."

If the Enhancement Pack fails to install do the following: 1. Uninstall Pharaoh (Start Menu-} Programs-} Sierra -} Pharaoh-} Uninstall Pharaoh). Note: This will not affect saved games or custom missions. 2. Reinstall Pharaoh from the CD. 3. Move any desired saved game folders or custom missions to the new Pharaoh Save and Maps folders 4a. Run PharaohEnhancementPack.exe to upgrade to V1.1 (if you still have the old Version 1.1 Enhancement Pack), then run PharaohEP11to12.exe. 4b. Or download and run PharaohEP_V12.exe to upgrade directly from version 1.0 to version 1.2.



Mission Editor: You can now access Pharaoh's powerful mission editor through the main game menu. Please refer to the mission editor manual (Mission Editor Guide.txt or Mission Editor Guide.pdf) for instructions. You can view the Mission Editor Guide via selecting Help: Mission Editor Guide from the Mission Editor menu bar. To view .pdf files, download the Adobe Acrobat reader from:

New custom missions: New stand alone custom missions have been installed in your Maps folder. Many of the missions have text files associated with them that briefly describe the mission. All of the January 2000 contest missions are included.

Required Housing Level for mission completion is now displayed on the Ratings Overseer panel.

Windows 2000: Sound is now enabled under Windows 2000.

Many of the custom Missions have text files associated with them that briefly describe the mission (located in Sierra/Pharaoh/Maps).



Some campaign missions have been tweaked to allow players to recover from decisions that lead to critical trade goods becoming unavailable. A campaign mission must be started fresh for this to take affect; loading a saved game (including selecting Replay Mission) will not start an updated campaign mission. If you are in the middle of a campaign, missions you have not yet played will be updated.

Some campaign missions have been tweaked to make them more playable.

Monument construction foremen are more intelligent when giving feedback on why monument construction has halted.

Missions can no longer be won if all ratings are achieved and a monument is nearly complete.

An uncommon occurrence where stone masons disappeared while working on pyramid complex causeways has been fixed.

Rotated Temple Complexes can no longer cause crashes if an overlay is selected.

Dock trade problems caused by Ra blessings have been resolved.

Caravans will no longer become stuck near Storage Yards if the Ferry Landing they would like to use is unstaffed.

Situations where monument construction could be halted due to stone/brick mason behavior have been fixed.

Storage Yards and Granaries can now spawn labor seeking walkers while the buildings have two cartpushers active.

A problem with very long load Pharaoh start up times related to network settings has been fixed.

Carpenters Guilds only consume 100 units of wood when creating a carpenter.

A situation where soldiers embarking/debarking on transports caused the game to freeze was fixed.


After installing the V1.1 Enhancement Pack, some users experienced problems with what seemed to be a "double mouse click" when using various in game menus. Menu items would be accidentally selected or menus accidentally exited. This problem will no longer occur.

The rotate view icon now displays the correct mouse help text.

The issue with the Kingdom rating continually dropping in the campaign map, Iunet, has been fixed.

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