Lords of Magic Artifact List

AIR Warrior Thunderblade

Air and Fire warriors gain +4 Attack and +2 Armor. Air warriors get improved melee speed, +1 Fame, and may cast one Thunderclap per day, stunning enemies in a large radius.

AIR Warrior Kapelke's Ring

Air, Life, and Order Champions get +1 Armor and +2 Overland movement. The ring casts Heal once per day.

AIR Warrior Feather Chain Mail

Air and Fire warriors gain +3 Armor. Air warriors also get +2 Dexterity and +2 Overland movement. Resists Earth magic very well and gives good resistance versus other faiths.

AIR Mage Staff of Asphyxiation

All mages gain +6 Mana. Air mages get excellent resistance to Earth magic and good resistance to all other magic. Cast Asphyxiate once per day, and might asphyxiate opponents who are physically struck.

AIR Mage Ring of the Four Winds

All mages get +1 Armor, +3 Mana and some magic resistance. Air followers also gain resistance to missiles & +3 armor.

AIR Mage Eyes of the Hawk

Life, Order and Air mages and warriors get +3 Mana and +3 sight radius, and can cast Seer spell.

AIR Thief Bow of Quaal

Air and Life thieves gain +2 Dexterity, +2 ranged attack, +2 missile range and +1 rate of fire. Air thieves have a chance of slowing targets on impact.

AIR Thief Aramoug's Amulet

All thieves get +2 Armor from this pendant. Air thieves get +2 sight range plus one Area Stun spell per day, affecting enemies in a large radius.

AIR Thief Pixie Dust

Air, Chaos & Life thieves can unleash Pixies, reducing targets' sight radius by 2 and dexterity by 1. In combat, reduces target's missile range by 1 for each hit scored by wielder.

FIRE Warrior Sword of Flames

Air and Fire warriors gain +3 to attacks. Fire warriors improve combat speeds and get +3 Luck and +1 Armor. The sword casts Firedart, and can burn enemies for extra damage.

FIRE Warrior Ring of Brimstone

All Fire followers can wear and cast Fireheal, restoring 5 hit points in 10 seconds. Wielder gets +2 movement and recovers all hit points at end of battle.

FIRE Warrior Dragon Scale Armor

Air and Fire warriors gain +3 Armor, some resistance to Water magic, and very good Fire resistance. If armor is worn by Fire unit, enemy might be struck with Firedart.

FIRE Mage Staff of Incineration

Mages get +6 mana and can cast Backdraft, a multiple Fireball spell. Fire mages gain +3 Armor, high resistance to Water magic and some resistance to other magic, plus slight chance of Scalding enemies in melee.

FIRE Mage Ring of Embers

Fire, Death and Chaos mages get +2 Armor. Fire mage gains +3 Mana, some Water resistance and weak resistance to other magic. If worn by Fire mage, attacker might suffer Scald, losing 1 hit point every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

FIRE Mage Eternal Flame

This holy relic enhances the skill and power of Fire followers. Increases life force, extending it beyond its limits, and offers minor protection against harm.

FIRE Thief The Spitfire

Order thieves get +2 ranged attack, +1 missile range & +1 missile speed. Fire thieves get +3 ranged attack, +2 missile range, +2 missile speed & +5 rate of fire. Both can cast Fireball.

FIRE Thief Ring of the Dancing Flame

This ring may be wielded by any Fire follower, who will gain +2 Armor, +2 Dexterity, +2 movement, and +3 gold per turn.

FIRE Thief Borchert's Torch

Any thief gets +1 sight radius, +2 Movement, weak magic resistance and +2 combat speed. Fire thieves also get +3 sight radius and greater missile range.

EARTH Warrior Dwarven Axe of Mauling

Chaos warriors gain +2 Attack and can cast Tremor. Earth warriors get +3 Attack, +3 rate of attack, +2000 Experience, +1 Fame, and can also cast Tremor.

EARTH Warrior Crystal Ring

All warriors gain +2 Armor, +2 hit recovery and some resistance to Air magic, and recover all hit points at the end of combat. Earth warriors also get +1 Attack and stronger Air resistance.

EARTH Warrior Obsidian Plate

Earth, Death and Order warriors regain all hit points after combat, plus +2 Armor and +3 gold per turn. Earth warriors get +3 Armor and good resistance to Air magic, and regenerate 1 hit point every 7 seconds in battle.

EARTH Mage Gorgon's Staff

All mages gain +1 Attack, +1 armor and +3 wisdom, and can cast Petrify, which turns one victim to stone regardless of level. Earth mages get +2 Attack, +2 Armor and +6 Wisdom, and might Petrify opponents struck in melee.

EARTH Mage Stone Ring

Any mage acquires +2 Armor, minor resistance to all magic and the power to cast Clay Earth. Earth mages enjoy fair magic resistance, and good resistance versus Air.

EARTH Mage Crystalmight

Only Earth mages can use this artifact, which imparts +3 Mana, +1000 experience and +2 crystals per level of the wielder.

EARTH Thief Bow of Balladrine

Earth, Life and Air thieves gain +2 ranged attack, +1 missile range and +1 rate of fire, and can cast Rocksling. Earth thieves also get +3 ranged attack and improved stealth.

EARTH Thief Ring of Entanglement

All thieves covet this ring, which imparts +1 Armor, +2 Dexterity and +2 Movement, plus the ability to cast Entanglement.

EARTH Thief Luckstone

All get +3 Luck, a small boost to many other skills, and good resistance to Air magic.

WATER Warrior Tidalblade

Water, Death or Order warriors get +2 Attack, +2 Dexterity and +1 rate of attack. Water warriors' attack rate increases +3, and their Fame rises +1. Bearer can cast Ice Bolt. The blade's rusting effect can cause -1 to enemy Armor with each hit.

WATER Warrior Coral Shield

Death, Order and Chaos warriors get +2 Armor, +2 Strength, good resistance to Fire and fair resistance to all other mages. Water warriors get the same, but with +3 Armor.

WATER Warrior Sharktooth

Water gains +2 Strength and +1000 experience, and will heal 1 hit point every 3 seconds during combat, recovering fully at the end of battle. They can also cast Quicksilver.

WATER Mage Staff of Drowning

Any mage can fill the lungs of all enemies in a radius with water. Heals Water units. Boosts a mage's magic reserves and offers some protection.

WATER Mage Rocca's Chalice

All get +2 Wisdom and +1 ale per level of the bearer per turn & will create a random potion each turn. Water, gets +500 experience.

WATER Mage Ring of the Elements

Any mage can wear this ring and receive +2 Armor, +3 Mana, and some resistance to elemental magic. Water mages resist elemental magic especially well.

WATER Thief Blowgun of the Amazons

Water thieves. Makes a chilling attack that can seal an enemy in ice. Casts Icebolt & increases ranged attacks & rate of fire.

WATER Thief Ring of Shelter

Water, Order and Life thieves gain +2 Armor and good resistance to Fire, and can cast a concealing Steam Cloud.

WATER Thief Amulet of Persuasion

Any thief will negotiate better with +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Movement, improved Stealth and +250 experience.

ORDER Warrior Guardian

Death & Water warriors get +2 Attack, +2 Luck, +2 rate of attack and +1 Fame per turn. Order warriors further get +3 Attack & +3 Luck. Small chance to kill enemies instantly. Casts Morale at beginning of battle, adding +1 Attack and Armor to friendly units.

ORDER Warrior Armor of Inspiration

Death and Order warriors get +2 Armor from this mail, which can 'lash out' at attackers. Order warriors enjoy improved combat speed and moderate Chaos magic resistance for the entire army.

ORDER Warrior Shield of Righteousness

Order, Chaos, Death and Water warriors gain +1 Armor, and can cast Leadership. Order warriors get +500 experience.

ORDER Mage Ring of Productivity

Order followers get +2 Armor, +6 Mana and good magic resistance. Each turn, one aspect of production gains +2 per level of the wielder. Can cast Bureaucracy, reducing enemy cities' production by 1 per level of the wielder for 1 turn.

ORDER Mage Staff of Enlightenment

Order, Air and Life mages get +2 Armor and +1000 experience, and can cast Guardian Winds.

ORDER Mage Amulet of Control

Any mage will gain +2 Armor & some magic resistance. The Amulet itself has limited charges for casting Possession. Order mages also get good resistance to Chaos magic.

ORDER Thief Crossbow of Balance

Fire thieves gain +2 ranged attack, +1 missile range & +2 rate of fire. Order thieves get +3 ranged attack, +2 missile range & +5 rate of fire. Both - improved Stealth & can cast Righteous Bolt.

ORDER Thief Ring of Concentration

Any thief adds +4 to maximum hit points, +2 sight radius and +3 Luck. Order thieves also get +2 Movement & +500 experience.

ORDER Thief Amulet of Order

All Order, Life or Water gains +2 Armor, +2 Strength and some magic resistance. Order followers regenerate 1 hit point every 7 seconds in battle and regain all hit points after every battle.

LIFE Warrior Staff of Light

Life warriors and mages gain +4 Attack and +2 Armor, and can cast Ray of Hope. Casts Holy Visit at the beginning of battle. Wearer regenerates 1 hit point every 3 seconds in combat and regains full health at battle's end.

LIFE Warrior Elven Chain Mail

Life and Water warriors gain +3 Armor, +1 Fame, weak resistance to all magic and good resistance to Death magic. If a Life wielder's hit points fall below 5, armor will teleport wearer to a random location on the battle map.

LIFE Warrior Ring of Healing

All but Death get +1 Armor and +10 hit points, and restores full health after a battle. Wearer can cast Heal.

LIFE Mage Staff of Resurrection

Any mage gains +2 Armor, +6 Mana, and ability to cast Resurrection. Sometimes unleashes Spirit Arrow in melee. Life mages get good Death resistance, regenerate 1hit point every 3 seconds in battle & regain full health after combat.

LIFE Mage Chalice of Life

Any mage may cast Dispel Magic & gain some resistance to elemental magic. Life mage gets +3 Armor and +3 Wisdom. Life, Death, Order and Chaos mages get fair resistance to arcane magic.

LIFE Mage Ring of Arcana

Any mage may cast Dispel Magic, and gains some resistance to elemental magic. Life mage gets +3 Armor and +3 Wisdom. All mages get fair resistance to arcane magic.

LIFE Thief Bow of Bakal

Air, Life & Earth thieves get +1 ranged attack, +2 missile range and +1 rate of fire, and can cast Spirit Arrow. Life thieves also gain +2 ranged attack and high resistance to missile attacks.

LIFE Thief Ring of Redemption

All thieves get +2 Attack, +1 Armor & +2 Luck & might cause Confusion when striking enemies. Life thieves also gain +2 Movement.

LIFE Thief Amulet of Revelation

Any thief gets +2 Armor, +2 Movement, +2 sight radius, and can cast Life Detect. Restores full health at the end of every battle.

CHAOS Warrior Axe of Chaos

Gives Chaos and Earth warriors -2 to +6 Attack, -2 to +4 rate of attack and -2 to +4 hit recovery. Chaos warriors also get +3 Luck, +1500 experience, and small chance of unleashing Petrify, Polymorph Other, Lightning Bolt or Curse in melee.

CHAOS Warrior Amulet of Indecision

Any Champion gains +2 Armor, +10 maximum hit points and +1 Luck. Chaos wielders might freeze stricken enemy in Icy Coffin. In Capital or dungeon, victim freezes for 1 minute. Outside, victim is expelled from combat or caught in Icy Coffin.

CHAOS Warrior Helm of Asymmetry

Chaos warriors gain +4 Armor, +2 sight radius, some magic resistance and good resistance to Order magic. Earth warriors get +2 armor and the magic resistances.

CHAOS Mage Staff of Polymorphing

Any mage gains +3 Attack & +6 Wisdom & can cast Polymorph Other. Chaos mages also get +2 Armor, and a chance their enemy will succumb to Polymorph Other when hit in melee.

CHAOS Mage Amulet of Illusion

Any Chaos Champion gains +3 Armor, +3 Mana and +2 Movement, plus the ability to cast Confusion.

CHAOS Mage Ring of Anything

Any mage can wear this ring, and get +1 resources per level, randomly selected each turn. Can randomly cast Heal, Commune with Nature, Fireball or Polymorph Self each turn.

CHAOS Thief Amulet of Fate

Any thief gains +2 Dexterity, +3 Luck, +1 gold per level of the wielder each turn, and ability to cast Polymorph Self. Chaos thieves gain +2000 experience and +4 Dexterity.

CHAOS Thief Ring of Mazes

Any thief will gain +2 Strength, +2 Movement and the ability to cast Confusion. Chaos thieves also get +2 sight radius.

CHAOS Thief Chakram of Entropy

Chaos thief gets +3 ranged attack, +2 missile range, +1 rate of fire & fair resistance to missile attacks. Might randomly teleport enemy to another part of the combat arena when hit.

DEATH Warrior Soul Stealer

Water & Order warriors get +2 Attack, +2 rate of attack. Death warriors get +3 Attack and +1 Armor, plus small chance of vorpal attack, killing unit and giving wielder +200 experience. Both can cast Curse.

DEATH Warrior Ebony Plate of the Void

Death, Order & Earth warriors gain +2 Armor & some resistance to magic. Death warriors derive +3 Armor and fair resistance to Life magic, plus a chance that opponents will Decay when hit.

DEATH Warrior Ring of Leeches

Champions of Death get +1 Armor and +1 Strength and can cast Leeches, transferring 4 hit points from the target to the wearer.

DEATH Mage Staff of Animation

All mages get +1 Armor & can cast Raise Shade. Casts Cure Wounds on wielder at start of combat. Death mages also get +3 Attack and +6 Mana.

DEATH Mage Ring of Azz'taruth

Any mage who wears this ring gains +1 Armor, +3 Mana, and can cast Decay. Death mages gain some magic resistance.

DEATH Mage Lich Cloak

Death, Fire, Chaos & Earth mages get +2 Armor & +3 Mana, high resistance to Life, some resistance to Air, Water and Order, and some resistance to Fire, Earth and Chaos. A Death mage killed while wearing becomes a vampire.

DEATH Thief Knife of Life Stealing

Death thief gets +2 Attack, +2 ranged attack, +1 missile range & +1 rate of fire. Victim may be paralyzed, losing 1000 experience.

DEATH Thief Amulet of Poison

Any thief may wear this bauble, for +2 Armor and improved Stealth. Death thieves might poison victims on attack.

DEATH Thief Ashes of Infestation

Champions of Death will gain +1 Attack, +1 Armor, +2 Luck, and ability to cast Spawn.


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