Quest For Glory I Cheats

Unlimited Money Cheat:
This will only work on the VGA version of Quest For Glory. You can sell an unlimited number of mushrooms from the fairy ring to the healer, Amelia Appleberry. Unlike the EGA version, she will continue to buy the mushrooms even when she says she has all the mushrooms she needs. This cheat is probably due to a programming bug in the remake. Go to the fairy ring and pick up as many mushrooms as you can. Click the hand icon on the mushrooms no more than 25 times (this will give you 75 mushrooms). Now go to the healer's hut, and start selling the mushrooms to her. After a few times, each time you try, she will tell you she already has enough mushrooms, but she will still take them and give you the 1 gold each time! Beware though, after you do this, you will need to buy your healing, stamina, and power potions from the magic shop, because you will have to buy 10 of them from the healer just to get 1 in your inventory. You will still be able to get the dispel potion though.

To learn Thief Sign:
As a mage or a fighter, you will normally not know how to make the thief sign and thereby access the Theives' Guild. However, if you click on Crusher in the tavern, you will now be able to make the sign. Go into the alley at night and obtain the password to the Guild from Slink & Sneak. Although you won't gain any thief skills that you didn't already have; you now have full access to the Thieves' Guild.

To increase lock pick skill:
Those with lockpicking skills and a lockpick or a Thieves' toolkit can use this trick to improve their lockpicking skill very quickly. Lockpick skill must be 40+ or you'll die of a cerebral hemorrhage. Just click the lockpick or toolkit on the hero and continue to do so. Or continue to try and pick the healer's door.

To edit your character stats:
You need a hex editor with search capability and a calculator that converts decimal to hexadecimal. This works in all of the games.

  1. Look at your character sheet twice, noting your strength and inteligence. Then save the game.
  2. Open the save game file with the latest modification date in a hex editor. (The save game files are in the form of *.000, *.001, *.002 etc. In QG2, for example, the name is trialsg.)
  3. The attributes are hexadecimal numbers separated by 0's so if your strength is 200 (C8 HEX) and your inteligence is 130 (82 HEX) search for the pattern C8 00 82 00. You will find it twice. The first set is the current values of your stats and the second set is the maximum values of the status. In both cases the numbers continue something like C8 00 82 00 64 00 32 ... they map directly to the stats and skills on your character screen. Change them at will. You can do a similar technique to locate any particular stat that you want to change.


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